Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Grand Winners! Congratulations!!!

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 has ended. The show has been great and new stars have a good chance to shine in the music industry. Here are the results in the awards night in order:

6th Placer:
Chris Pastor

5th Place
Van Roxas

4th Place
Liezel Garcia

3rd Place
Miguel Mendoza

2nd Place
Bugoy Drilon

PDA Season 2 Grand Winner!
Laarni Lozada

Congratulations to Laarni and the rest of the top 5 winners!

Congratulations Laarni!

Voting ends on ASAP ‘08
September 14, 2008 3:13 PM

Voting for the Grand Star Dreamer has ended and was closed at ASAP '08 at 2 this afternoon. The votes are now being tabulated and in a few hours the winner of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 will be announced.

Who have you voted deserving of the Grand Star Dreamer title? Witness the culmination of the country's top singing reality

Congratulations Laarni!
September 14, 2008 10:47 PM

Cuneta Astrodome was indeed filled with tension tonight as the much awaited announcement of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2’s Grand Star Dreamer has finally arrived. The Top Six Scholars were joined by their former co-Scholars, Vina Morales and Wency Cornejo to open the show with their rendition of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life and the legendary group Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

Tonight, the Little Dreamers’ Little Dream Bigayan Project was also launched. In the spirit of Christmas, the Academy kids imparted a collection of Christmas songs as the former Scholars roamed around the dome in order to collect donations to be given to the kids’ charity—Childhope Asia Philippines.

Uberture host, Billy Crawford also imparted a song and dance number tonight. Together with the Banana Split girls, he performed his hit song Bright Lights. Aside from Billy, the Dream Mentors too prepared a little something to bid their Scholars farewell. Teacher Von, Teacher Monet, Teacher Kitchy, Direk Joey and Headmaster Ryan had their own interesting version of Earth, Wind and Fire’s September and the Tagalized version of Umbrella on stage.
To finally end the night, the much awaited announcement was made. Laarni was hailed the newest Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer. After garnering 651,696 votes, which is equivalent to 35.21 percent of the total text votes, she owned the stage with great pride and sang her very first single Manalig Ka. The Independent Woman from Sultan Kudarat was indeed overwhelmed upon hearing her win. She broke down in tears in the middle of her final song, but since the show must go on, she did her best to pull herself together.
Joining the new Grand Star Dreamer in the Top Three were Bugoy and Miguel who gathered a total of 26.70% and 13.69% respectively. Unfortunately, Liezel, who was a consistent Star Scholar didn’t make it into the Top Three and had to settle with fourth place with a total of 247,346 text votes. She was followed by Van who garnered 112,065 votes while Cris filled in the last slot with only a total of 36,487 text votes.

The school year has finally ended and it’s time for the Scholars to finally face the real world and show everyone what they have learned inside the Academy. Best of luck Scholars! Till the next season!

Top Six Scholars face their Grand Dream Night

September 14, 2008 12:01 AM

The night that Bugoy, Cris, Laarni, Liezel, Miguel and Van have been waiting for has finally arrived— the Grand Dream Night. Again, they were asked to face the jurors, composed of Louie Ocampo, Girlie Rodis and their very own Dream Mentors, in order to gain commendations and be hailed deserving of the newest Grand Star Dreamer title. To open the act, the reality show’s infamous hosts—Nikki Gil, Billy Crawford, and Toni Gonzaga—shared their part with an interesting opening number, followed by the performance of the expelled Scholars.

Live from the Cuneta Astrodome, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab initiated the graduation rites as he called the Scholars one at a time to grant them his blessing. After the commencement exercise, the Scholars began with their show as they welcomed their guests with their rendition of Awit ng Pangarap. After the said welcome performance, the Top Six proceeded with their corresponding production numbers. Bugoy, Miguel and Van went in to wow the crowd first with their production number consisting of Ne-yo’s greatest hits—Closer, Addiction and Because of You. The girls, on the other hand, heated up the dome with their sexy performance of Pussycat Dolls’ When I Grow Up, Buttons and Don’t Cha.

The performances above were plainly teasers—the real show was their individual presentations. First to show to the whole world what he got was Miguel. With his songs Love is on the Way and Man in the Mirror, juror Girlie couldn’t deny how great the Romantic Crooner had improved.

Laarni went next with her rendition of Manalig Ka and Boogie Wonderland. By the end of her act, she got a little off note, which Headmaster Ryan immediately noticed. But despite her mistake, Mr. C couldn’t deny how well the Independent Woman pulled of the said number.

Teacher Monet couldn’t be happier for the next performer, Cris, who finally found her focus. Aside from simply being naturally sexy and pretty, the in-house teacher also commended Cris for her remarkable artistry and ability to cope up with their lessons. Her great musical improvement was clearly displayed tonight through her rendition of Out Here on my Own and Candyman.

Van immediately wowed the crowd the very moment he took over the stage to sing Hard Habit to Break and Probinsyana. As Direk Joey said it, the young man from Cebu is indeed oozing with star quality. The media performance teacher claimed that though he didn’t have the best voice quality among the bunch, his charms will surely bring him to different heights.

Speaking of star quality, juror Louie also found it in Liezel as she ruled the stage tonight with her version of I am Changing and Respect. The said juror couldn’t be happier for the lass, because at long last, she came out of her shell. He even added that if she continues this development, she won’t be far from becoming a great star in the near future.

Aside from Liezel, Bugoy too has come a very long way. After his presentation of Ligaya and Climb Every Mountain, Teacher Kitchy couldn’t help but recall the lad’s audition piece, Guy Sebastian’s Angels Brought Me Here. According to the over-all voice teacher, given his great voice quality, he was indeed brought by angels to where he is now.

To end the night, Season 1 Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino joined the Top Six Scholars in singing her famous hits, such as Hawak Kamay, Salamat and Habang Buhay. By tomorrow night, another Scholar will be announced Yeng’s successor. Who among the remaining six Scholars deserve to be called the Grand Star Dreamer?

You still have until 2PM tomorrow to save your bet! Grab your mobile phones now and key in PDA (name of your favorite Scholar) and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers, or 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers. For online and international voting instructions, visit

Top 6 are ready for the Grand Dream Night

September 13, 2008 6:06 PM

Top 6 scholars Miguel, Van, Cris, Bugoy, Laarni and Liezel have been practicing nonstop for the Grand Dream Night and are highly anticipating the culminating event. Each employed different means of preparing for their solo performances and believed that they were well-equipped to be the Grand Star Dreamer.

In preparation for the big night, Miguel and Cris conserved their voices and also prayed intently for smooth-sailing productions. Liezel and Laarni on the other hand devoted time to practicing. While Van was more concerned about memorizing the choreography, Bugoy conditioned himself and already internalized his numbers.

Miguel was ready to showcase everything he has learned from day one until the last. He believed that he deserved to be the Grand Star Dreamer since he had talent aside from possessing musical and hosting skills.

A more confident Liezel is to be expected on the upcoming Dream Night. The Pride of Puerto Galera was proud of her exotic features and her distinct voice and knew that this was a factor to stand out in the industry

Bugoy on the other hand was more focused on entertaining his fans. He felt that he had improved a lot and he deserves to be the ultimate winner.

Meanwhile, a more sensual and captivating Cris is also one of the things to look forward to. Several weeks in the Academy has changed her beliefs and perceptions in life. In fact, the Singing Interior Designer would want to contribute more to her charity once she leaves the Academy.

Van is determined to give his best in his final performance to be worthy of the people’s votes. Apart from his dashing look, he knew that his ability to command on stage was an essential characteristic of a winner.

Laarni is ready to give her all on the Grand Dream Night. Though everyone was deserving of the Grand Star Dreamer title, she knew that she had what it takes to be the champion since she had the spirit and the drive. She was able to rise from the trials she experienced in the Academy and she believed that a willful spirit was crucial in the industry.

Only a day away before the Grand Dream Night and before the new Grand Star Dreamer would be declared. Who among the Top 6 possessed the qualities of a winner? Keep voting for your bet and be sure to catch the Grand Dream Night on September 13 and 14 on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Top Six Scholars hold a grand reunion before the Grand Dream Night

September 13, 2008 2:00 PM

After their band rehearsals yesterday, the Scholars were surprised to see formally set tables inside the Academy. Upon seeing the tables, they already had a strong feeling that they would be accommodating some visitors, so they got a little excited.

Immediately, they hopped in their best outfits, just like Teacher Monet instructed them. After they finished preparing themselves, the Dream Mentors—Headmaster Ryan, Teacher Monet, Teacher Von, Teacher Kitchy and Direk Joey—arrived to join them, as they waited for their special guests.

To start the party rolling, Headmaster asked Cris to sing one of her songs for Saturday. And while she was in the middle of her act, she was surprised to see her mom enter the scene, singing an excerpt from Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita.

Bugoy’s mom arrived too and shared with them her rendition of The Greatest Love of All. She wasn’t quite familiar with the lyrics, but her song was indeed heartfelt. On Miguel’s mom’s arrival, she serenaded her son with Leah Navarro’s Kailangan Kita. Upon hearing her, it was pretty evident where Miguel got his great musicality. For Liezel, on the other hand, G-clef’s oldie but goodie entitled I Understand How You Feel was interpreted by her mom.

During Laarni’s turn, the event got quite emotional. It has been quite a long time since the two saw each other, so the Independent Woman couldn’t help but burst into tears upon feeling the mixture of happiness and longing take over her. And in order to calm the lass down, her mom dedicated to her the song Close to You by The Carpenters.

Though Van’s mom was not present last night, his dad dropped by to show him his support and sing to him one of his favorite songs, Can’t Fight this Feeling.

Surprisingly, the Top Six Scholars’ visitors just kept on coming. Aside from their beloved parents, former Scholars—Sheng, Bea, Christian, Apple, Iñaki, Bunny, Chivas, Poy and Sen—dropped by the Academy to bid the Final Six good luck.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cebu welcomes back Van

September 12, 2008 12:25 AM

Van received an early wake-up call from Teacher Monet yesterday. Even before the sun went up, he was already on his way towards the airport to ride a plane that would bring him back to his native land—no other than, Cebu.

The Hearthrob couldn’t hide his excitement all throughout the trip. When he reached Cebu airport, he was pretty amazed how many screaming fans went there just to welcome him home. He couldn’t be more flattered to receive the support of his co-locals, and he couldn’t find more ways to thank them enough.

His itinerary for the day was indeed filled with shows and guestings, but still he had time to roam around the province and feel the air of being home once again. After his engagements, he went back to the places that mattered to him the most. First, he dropped by his alma mater, where he was warmly welcomed by his friends and his brother. Then, he proceeded to the house of his beloved aunt who played a vital role in his life alone there in Cebu.

Aside from Van, Manila-based Miguel and Cris, too, had a shot at having a short reunion with their families. Miguel was joined by his mom and his sisters when he delivered the relief goods he sent to his chosen charity the other day. On the other hand, Cris had a short get-together with her family and friends last Tuesday at Check Point, where she held her show-for-a-cause with former band-mates from Wa-epek band. There, she also had a short reunion with her in-house sweetheart, Sen.

Just like Miguel and Cris, one of Van’s agenda in Cebu was to share his donations to his chosen charity, the Cebu Task Force on Street Children, so before he even left his province, he dropped off his gift to the said foundation and amused the people there by imparting a song number.

The Top Six Scholars are now actively playing their roles in their community by merely putting their talents into good use, but still the fact remains that only one of them will go home victorious with the Grand Star Dreamer title. Who among them deserves to be share the title with Yeng Constantino? You still have time! Cast your votes now and let your opinions be heard! Simply text PDA (name of Scholar), and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers, or 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers.

Ex-scholars reunite on Uberture

September 11, 2008 7:04 PM

Ex-scholars Chivas, Apple, Sheng, Bea and Christian were interviewed live on Uberture today. Majority of the former Acadremians felt that Laarni was deserving of the Grand Star Dreamer title. If Bugoy was their 2nd placer, Van was their bet on the third spot.

When asked who among the Top 6 was a food enthusiast, almost all agreed on Miguel. Cris was a favorite choice with the question on who among them smelled the best.

The ex-scholars got all giddy when asked about their crushes in the Academy. Bea and Chivas remained loyal to their partners. While Christian crushed on Laarni, Sheng was attracted to Van. Apple had the most shocking revelation when she confessed that she liked Bugoy for his personality.

Also on the show this afternoon was the Top 6’s rehearsals with Teacher Kitchy. The Voice Mentor taught the dreamers how to control their voices. Laarni seemed to have a difficult time doing so while Liezel was able to sing a line in one breath. Miguel on the other hand appeared off-key and needed sufficient supply of air. Would the scholars be able to apply these last minute techniques before the Grand Dream Night? Catch this story plus Cris and Sen’s reunion later on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Miguel amuses the scholars

September 11, 2008 12:23 PM

Miguel was up early this morning since he was assigned to man the household. As soon as the others got out of bed, Miguel badgered them relentlessly with trivial matters. The Romantic Crooner theorized that he had to speak in order to exercise his vocal chords and keep them in good condition.

The rest on the other hand strictly followed the “no-talk” policy. Instead of singing at the top of her lungs, Laarni just focused on the choreography of her dance numbers. For a moment, the Independent Woman wanted to find out if she had already lost weight. Miguel jokingly reacted violently which cracked up Laarni.

After amusing the gal from the South, he went to Cris and confessed that he was bothered about his legs. He ranted about its rather large size and he kept going about how he would tone his muscles.

When Cris left to practice her piece, he admitted to Liezel that he was envious of Van. The Romantic Crooner mentioned that he never had a peaceful rest while the Cebuano Heartthrob seemed to have much experience of it. The most trivial question of it all though was that he would never get to watch himself and see if he indeed had a blissful sleep. Liezel seemed entertained with Miguel’s comic remarks and his sudden openness. But would Miguel push their limit and stir conflict with only a day away before the Grand Dream Night? Find out the updates to this story later on Uberture!

Bugoy and Miguel plan to be ultimate performers

September 10, 2008 6:46 PM

It was Bugoy and Miguel’s turn to grant viewers’ request on Uberture today. During Billy’s interview with them it was revealed that both shared the dream of being ultimate performers someday.

The Romantic Crooner confessed that he wanted to penetrate the international market five years from now. Miguel felt that knowing how to play musical instruments was his advantage over the others. When asked about Bea however, he wanted her to experience the same thing he was going through as part of the Top 6.

Bugoy on the other hand wanted to dedicate his final performance to his mom. Apart from this, the Farmer’s Son shared that the good news that his favorite carabao, Goopy, has a new addition to its family.

After their interview, Miguel sang Passenger’s Seat for Rochelle Francisco while Bugoy sang his version of Half-Crazy for Adora Juayang.

Meanwhile, the scholars had their own ways of memorizing their pieces for the Grand Dream Nights. If Miguel chose to internalize by the poolside, Cris isolated herself and concentrated on learning the lyrics. Van studied while going through his every day routine inside the house like exercising and cooking, while Laarni seemed to want an audience as she practiced every time the scholars were within earshot.

Also on the show was a sneak preview of Bugoy’s homecoming in Camarines Sur and Miguel’s visit to his charity in Mindanao. Catch the full episode of Bugoy and Miguel’s trips later on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Six Scholars take a trip down memory lane

September 10, 2008 12:29 PM

As the end of the school year fast approaches, the Top Six Scholars couldn’t help but reminisce some of the memorable experiences they had during their almost 3-month stay inside the Academy.

It started with Laarni’s invitation to Van for a mock boxing match after dinner. Teacher Monet recalled that ex-Scholar Christian used to be Laarni’s sparring partner. With that memory at hand, he also remembered how one of their hoarse plays turned into a dramatic dispute, which somehow caused an unspoken partition in the Academy.

Speaking of more disputes, they also remembered the heated argument that aroused between Laarni and Academy drop-out, Jet. They clearly remembered that incident when Laarni was taking a bath and singing in quite a loud voice while their former co-Scholar, Chivas, was undergoing an attack. She clearly remembered how harsh Jet commanded her to shut up. Aside from that, she also recalled how weird his argument was towards her—coming up with issues like all her co-Scholars are pissed with her, while their topic in question was his rudeness towards her.

Aside from Laarni, Miguel too had his share in this trip down to memory lane. His controversial outburst towards ex-Scholar Bea in order to defend the Independent Woman made its mark on all of them. They classified it to be a real shocker, considering that Miguel had been nothing but a reserved gentleman inside the Academy.

They just couldn’t believe how many unforgettable memories they had in such a short span of time. From being mere strangers, they were able to develop a special bond of friendship that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives. Who among them will live a life which will be most memorable of them all—the one which includes the Grand Star Dreamer title?

Be part of their dream by showing your support and voting for the deserving Scholar. Just type PDA (name of Scholar) and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers.

Stay tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 during Primetime Bida, right after Iisa pa Lamang, and be updated with the latest happenings inside the Academy!

Liezel shows radical improvement

September 10, 2008 1:41 PM

Contrary to other’s observation of Liezel’s declining performance, Liezel showed apparent improvement during the rehearsals. Teacher Kitchy and Teacher Monet noticed that she was able to correct her previous mistakes and her voice was fuller compared to the past few days. However, she still had to polish off her diction and then she was set to go. Liezel beamed at the positive feedback and seemed determined to impress the mentors further.

Cris on the other hand appeared to have difficulty delivering today. After being used to the clean atmosphere in the Academy, she was exposed yesterday to the outside world and its blemishes. In effect, her sinus reacted and her throat was irritated. Before she was let off, the mentors advised her to practice proper breathing and prepare for high notes.

Meanwhile, Miguel had to make adjustments with his piece to match his desired interpretation. The Romantic Crooner also had to produce ad libs to spice up his performance. Catch the others’ rehearsals later and see Direk Joey and Teacher Maribeth’s joined session with the scholars on Uberture!

Liezel goes back to her native land

September 10, 2008 12:19 PM

Yesterday, Teacher Monet woke up Liezel early in the morning for a nice surprise. He informed the lass that there was another show she has to attend, but little did the said Scholar know that she would be heading her way towards her hometown for the said show.

To Liezel’s surprise, the road they treaded was a familiar track leading to the Batangas port—a passageway towards her very own Puerto Galera. The idea excited her, and seeing the Batangas port made her more thrilled to get on the boat. Batangas locals waved at her with great admiration as she passed by, and simply walking along in the middle of that crowd made her feel that she was finally home.

When she reached Puerto Galera, she was dumbfounded to see a large crowd waiting for her arrival. The moment she stepped foot on her native land, she was warmly welcomed by her fans who pledged to support her all the way.

Her first stop was the church, then she proceeded to her beloved grandmother’s grave to offer her some flowers and some prayers. Upon reaching the grave, she couldn’t help but get a little emotional. It has been years since her grandma passed away, but according to her, the pain of her departure will always remain fresh in her memory.

Aside from her grandma, another event that caused the Pride of Puerto Galera to breakdown in tears was her instant reunion with her mom. It has been a long time since the two of them saw each other, and the longing was pretty much evident on the way they locked themselves in each other’s arms.

After spending some time with her family, Liezel then proceeded with her show. She toured around her hometown to entertain the town’s locals by imparting them her talent. She also dropped by different schools in the area, including her alma mater, to show her gratitude for their unending support.

Now that Liezel knows how many people were counting on her to stand by her label as Puerto Galera’s Pride, how will she cope up with the withstanding pressure of the Grand Dream Night? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 during Primetime Bida, weeknights after Iisa pa Lamang.

Liezel and Van face tough questions

September 10, 2008 12:14 PM

Liezel and Van were interviewed by Billy on Uberture today. The Grand Dream Night was fast approaching and Van admitted to having mixed emotions about this. Though he was thrilled with the upcoming event, he would also miss his Acadreamian family. Van also adds that as soon as he returns to the outside world, he plans to make amends with his mother.

The Pride of Puerto Galera was caught off guard when asked about her just ok performances these past few weeks. After winning the Star Scholar title in 3 consecutive gala nights, people kind of had high expectations of her. However, she believed that the Star Scholar in her wasn’t completely lost but is actually pushing to be better.

After each short interview, Van sang, Before I Let You Go for his fan Angel Gaetos while Liezel sang her rendition of Cristina Aguilara’s I Turn To You for her fan Richard Espiritu.

Also on the show was Van’s one-on-one with Teacher Kitchy. The Heartthrob seemed to have difficulty with his piece, particularly in singing high notes. The Voice Mentor encouraged him further and Van committed to his rehearsals. Catch the scholars’ practice for the Grand Dream Nights with the Voice Mentors later on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laarni is critiqued by the mentors

September 09, 2008 2:48 PM

Laarni’s Uberture performance yesterday seemed to upset Teacher Kitchy and Teacher Monet since this damaged her voice. The Independent Woman appeared to put premium on putting on an impressive number without thought on the effects on her vocal chords.

The mentors expressed their concern with Laarni since she was building up an image similar to the belters in the music industry. Should the gal from Sultan Kudarat keep up this unhealthy practice and technique, it would result to inefficiency plus irreparable damages to her singing muscles.

Teacher Monet was especially worried about Laarni surviving the upcoming shows and out-of-town trips. Their schedule would be ultimately hectic and it would lessen the rest time needed by every performers. Laarni had to practice the right technique until it becomes natural for her also to compensate for the healthy lifestyle artists should imbibe. Would Laarni take heed of her mentors’ advice and make the necessary adjustments before the big day? See updates on the scholars later on Uberture!

Scholars impersonate their Mentors

September 09, 2008 12:02 AM

As another form of saying “thank you” to their Dream Mentors, the Top Six Scholars rewarded them plaques of appreciation last night. They awarded them based on the different ways they have touched their lives and their hearts. But to make the awarding ceremony a little more interesting, the Scholars thought that impersonating their Mentors would be fun—and based on the bursts of laughter they had last night, it seems that they got that right.

First to receive an award was no other than their in-house mentor, Teacher Monet. Laarni was the one tasked to mimic the said mentor, who they hailed on the plaque as their Giant Clown. From the way he walks to the trademarks he left to the Scholars, Laarni nailed it perfectly.
Being an admitted frustrated dancer, Mr. C was given a Happy Feet award. The Scholars just couldn’t forget the Headmaster’s interesting dance move which his impersonator, Miguel, showed while doing Mr. C’s favorite stance.
Liezel, on the other hand, did a fine job impersonating Teacher Kitchy. Aside from the mentor’s famous padded-shoulder get-up, Liezel almost made a replica of an actual scene during one of Teacher Kitchy’s class. Being famously known for her constant reminder regarding the Scholars’ breath flow, they had given her the Breath Flow award.

Though all presentations were found fascinating, it seems that Van’s spoof of Direk Joey made all of them fall off their seats. Among all, it seems that Van had the most heartfelt performance. He was really into the character that even his audience couldn’t deny that the lad is imitating their Media Performance Mentor—from the quotable statements to the unforgettable moves. Before actually receiving his More than Words award, Direk Joey still couldn’t help but laugh his heart out after seeing what his impersonator had to offer.

In less than a week time will be the actual good-bye, and the list of top three winners will be revealed. Who among Bugoy, Cris, Laarni, Liezel, Miguel, and Van do you think deserves to bag the Grand Star Dreamer title? Cast your votes now by texting PDA (name of scholar) to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers. And don’t forget to watch the Grand Dream Night on September 13 and the Awards Night on September 14.

For more updates on the latest happenings inside the Academy, stay tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 during Primetime Bida, weeknights after Iisa pa Lamang!

Headmaster’s List of 10 invades SM Bicutan!

September 08, 2008 7:08 PM

The Headmaster’s List of 10 together with Poy amazed the huge crowd in their SM Bicutan mall show last Friday. All were in high spirits as they interacted with the audience and performed their recorded songs.

Iñaki and Apple hosted the event and were successful in enticing the crowd further for the appearance of the Top Six. The people cheered loudly for ex-scholars Bunny, Sen, Apple and Iñaki as they presented their well-loved pieces on stage.

As soon as Cris jumpstarted the final six’s solo performances, the crowd went wild. Miguel, Liezel, Bugoy, Van and Laarni followed after singing Mr. C’s originals. Ending the program was the scholars’ production number of Yeng Constantino’s, Awit ng Pangarap.

Though they were elated with their first mall show, nothing beat their mini-reunion backstage. The two groups hugged instantly upon meeting but they had to recover and compose themselves for the show. All were ecstatic at the warm reception of the people and are looking forward to more of these events.

Cris and Laarni are placed on the hot seat

September 08, 2008 6:59 PM

Cris and Laarni were grilled by Billy on Uberture today. The PDA host brought out their competitive side by asking their advantage over the others. While Cris felt that her sexiness was her edge, Laarni was confident about her powerful voice. Both expressed their excitement on the upcoming Grand Dream Night since this would be the culminating event of all their efforts and hard work.

The two girls also granted requests of their fans on the show. Cris dedicated Always Be My Baby to Cleo de la Cruz and Laarni sang Go the Distance to Wilmer Iglesia.

Meanwhile, ex-scholars Chivas and Bea facilitated a banner-making contest for the Little Dreamers. While the Top 6 were away on their mall show, the young dreamers created Good Luck posters for their ate’s and kuya’s. The scholars were moved by their effort and they treasured these posters.

Part of Miguel’s charity work was to guest in a radio station, WRR 101.9. The Romantic Crooner sang his original composition, Lupang Hinirang and invited everyone to download his ringtone. A percentage of the proceeds would help those affected by the conflict in the South and would be going to the Emergency Response Network in Mindanao. To download his ringtone, key in TRU and send to 231 for Smart and Talk n Text subscribers and 2331 for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers. See the scholars’ guesting on ASAP and rock with the Headmaster’s List of 10 in their SM Bicutan mall show on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Top Six and the Dream Mentors hold a farewell party

September 08, 2008 12:41 AM

It has been fun-filled three-month experience for all of them. In such a short span of time, great ties had been made, and knowing that they will soon be parting ways gave a little room for nostalgia on both parties.

The Top Six couldn’t thank the Mentors more for their teachings and guidance. One by one, they shared their sentiments and reflections with regard to their stay inside the Academy. All couldn’t help but feel privileged to work with the Dream Mentors, who happen to be some of the music industry’s biggest names. During Bugoy’s turn, he couldn’t help but get a little emotional.

Aside from Bugoy, Teacher Kitchy too got a little off hand with her tears. She admitted that she got too attached to them, and merely thinking of the parting causes a mild pinch on her heart. According to her, she will never ever forget the times she shared with them, because she, too, learned a lot from them.
After all the Mentors thanked the Scholars alike for the experiences, they also gave them words to live by. According to them, a mixture of joy, sorrow and anxiety play around their systems as they think about the Scholars’ upcoming exit. Joy is for their victory; sorrow will be for their separation; and anxiety to the possible odds that they might face once they step out the Academy. They kept on reiterating that the real world is indeed cruel, most especially to showbiz commodities which they will soon become, so they better prepare themselves. They also kept on repeating that they will always be there for them, just like their real parents.

To lighten up the drama, the Scholars arranged a little surprise for their teachers. In honor of their Mentors and everything they have taught them, the Scholars prepared a short skit characterized by their impersonation of the Dream Team. Laarni played the role of Teacher Monet, while Van portrayed as Direk Joey. Who among them dared to mimic the Headmaster and Teacher Kitchy? Find out tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again, and see who among the Scholars have a possible bright future in acting!

Amy bags the Outstanding Little Dreamer title again

September 08, 2008 12:38 AM

The Little Dreamers dragged their admirable little-rock-star qualities as they faced the jurors, composed of Jimmy Antiporda, Aiza Seguerra, and Mcoy Fundales, on their 9th Gala Performance Night. In honor of our country’s finest bands, the Little Dreamers performed renditions of some of their best hits.

The two returnees faced the panel of jurors once again—as official little dreamers. And once again the two kids proved that they are truly deserving as Shane wowed them with Imago’s Sundo and Jerome smoothly got through them with Makita kang Muli by Sugarfree.
Angelo sang The Dawn’s Salamat. And since the kid is an admitted rock genre aficionado, it was pretty apparent that he enjoyed his performance. Aiza saw that he is indeed a rock star in the making. On the other hand, though Cristina was able to give justice to the song Halleluia by Bamboo, the last part of her rendition was quite problematic.
Guest juror Mcoy was astounded to see a younger version of Sampaguita as Aubrey moved him with her version of Nosi Balasi. Aside from her rock goddess leather outfit, the impressive voice range of the child too left a mark on him.

Direk Joey still laughs at the idea of Miguel as a rapper

September 07, 2008 1:15 AM

After the Scholars’ Dream Bigayan Concert for a Cause, the Dream Mentors barged in the Academy to congratulate the Scholars for a wonderful show and join them for dinner. Their teachers couldn’t be happier with their performances tonight. For them, it was the best performance they had so far.

Direk Joey still couldn’t get over Miguel’s rapping though. According to him, before he even saw the Romantic Crooner on stage, he was already laughing his heart out. And since the mentors were on a riser earlier, Miguel admitted that he saw Direk Joey laughing upon his entrance on stage, causing him to divert his attention on the other side.

After dinner, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab informed the Scholars of their activity for tonight. Given that they now only have a week before the Grand Dream Night, they had to work on it double time. According to Mr. C, the Scholars will be undergoing a “graduation walk” practice in the Dance Hall. How could this “walk” possibly go? Find out on Monday on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again!

Laarni, Bugoy and Van acquire screen names

September 06, 2008 1:53 PM

Part of packaging and branding was creating name recall. Since Van, Bugoy and Laarni had quite unfamiliar last names, Direk Joey assigned them new screen names. Van Pojas would be Van Roxas while Bugoy Bugayan would be Bugoy Drilon. Lozada was more common than Losala and would thus make the Independent Woman more memorable.

Van seemed at ease with the change since he already considered this before. Bugoy on the other hand felt that it didn’t suit his personality and was quite uncomfortable with the modification. However, this change was crucial in their careers and they would have to adjust later on.

The Performance Master was also concerned with the scholars’ plans after the season. Though Van wanted to pursue a singing career, he would take on an acting job should there be an opportunity as opposed to Cris who was ready to engage in drama. What are their other plans after the Grand Dream Night? And what are the transformations the Top 6 underwent in Direk Joey’s session? See the changes on their last Gala night and Concert for a Cause later on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Dream Bigayan Concert for a Cause is a success

September 07, 2008 1:10 AM

The Top Six Scholars welcomed the screaming crowd in the performance hall to the Dream Bigayan Concert for a Cause with their own rendition of Eric Clapton’s Change the World. And since the said show was still considered their 12th Gala Performance Night, they were still up to face the jury composed of Louie Ocampo and record label executive Kathleen Dy Go.

But unlike the previous Gala Nights, the jurors had no command on the Scholars’ grades tonight. Their role on tonight’s show was limited to merely observing and freely commenting on the Top Six Scholars’ presentations. Surprisingly, all the jurors could utter were positive responses after every performance. According to them, all the Scholars displayed great improvement, and they couldn’t be happier for all of them.

Kathleen couldn’t be more proud of Liezel who finally got out of her shell as she sang Rihanna’s dance hit Please Don’t Stop the Music. She also added that her improvement on dancing gave her an oozing international appeal. The same comment was given to Van who delivered True to Your Heart. With his good looks, Kathleen just couldn’t deny his registering well on television. As for Bugoy, she admitted that his unique dance step was a plus factor on his performance of Guy Sebastian’s All I Need is You.

On the other hand, Sir Louie finally saw Miguel having fun on stage, and he couldn’t be more thrilled. He added that at last, with his version of Rock DJ, he had fun watching him perform. Laarni too amazed him with her over flowing self-confidence as she sang Waray Waray. As for Cris who did a rendition of Pussycat Dolls’ Sway, her versatility as a singer made her admirable for Sir Louie. According to him, she could easily pull off any song given to her.

To the Scholars’ delight, the charity concert was a great success. By the end of the night, Toni announced that the concert earned a total of 226, 400 pesos, which will go directly to their Dream Bigayan project.

Don’t forget to keep those votes coming in for the deserving Grand Star Dreamer. Text PDA (name of scholar) to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers. Watch out for the Grand Performance Night on September 13 and Final Results Night on September 14.

What other projects could possibly help the Top Six Scholars raise more funds for their charity? Find out by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 on Primetime Bida, right after Iisa pa Lamang

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yeng Constantino peps up this season’s Top Six

September 05, 2008 3:57 PM

A few days before the Grand Dream Night, the Top Six Scholars unexpectedly received a very special message from a very special person. In the living room all six of them, together with Teacher Monet, gathered to watch the VTR prepared by no other than last season’s Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino.

To start with, Yeng toured the Scholars inside the house awarded to her by PinoyDreamAcademy. She let this season’s Scholars take a peek inside every room of her new home. After showing them around, she also showed them the car she bagged together with the house, a million pesos, and her title. She also openly shared how she spent the cash prize she received afterwards.

Being a former contestant, she imparted bits of advice to this season’s Top Six Scholars who are now just a few steps away from the top. She pushed them to continue dreaming big, just like what she did when she was still inside the Academy. According to her, believing is the main key to success, and it is something they should never grow tired of.

At the end of her VTR message, she bid all of them the best of luck. For the remaining days, she asked all of them to strive for the best in order to prove to the viewing public that they deserve to be the Grand Star Dreamer.

How will the former Grand Star Dreamer’s words of wisdom affect the Scholars? Catch this story and hear everything Yeng Constantino said to the Scholars tomorrow on Ubeture and PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 on Primetime Bida

Top Six meets Avril Lavigne

September 05, 2008 1:09 AM

Yesterday, the Scholars woke up for a nice surprise. After a whole day of non-stop listening to Avril Lavigne songs, the good news was relayed to them by Teacher Monet. All of them were asked to get ready and get dressed because they will be heading their way towards Araneta Coliseum to watch Avril Lavigne’s concert.

The said trip was an expository experience for the Scholars. Considering that their Grand Dream Night is fast approaching, they were given the opportunity to learn for themselves the elements of a good stage performance through critical observation.

All of them grew excited of the said exposure trip. Even inside the van, the Top Six couldn’t calm down. They still couldn’t believe that they were on their way to watch the international pop icon live on stage. Upon arrival on the destination, they were given a chance to meet the said pop star face to face and take snapshots for remembrance.

To the Top Six Scholars’ surprise, Avril Lavigne wasn’t the only celebrity who caused a commotion inside the Big Dome. Unexpectedly, they too were flooded by fans who wish to have their picture taken with them. They were indeed shocked. According to them, they haven’t expected such a big crowd of supporters.

Aside from the educational trip, the Scholar’s class with Direk Joey was intended to groom them for their finals night. For the said class, the media performance teacher highlighted to them the vitality of a performer’s individuality. According to him, they should be aware of their corresponding packages by now, so he called them out one by one to demonstrate each of it to him.

Direk Joey was impressed by Cris’ moves. Though it could still be improved, he saw that it is on its way there. He noted that she should further develop the way she invites the camera to behold as she does her thing.

On the other hand, Van failed to entertain the performance teacher. Direk Joey couldn’t help but notice that Van lacked freshness in terms of performing. He said that he had been doing the same dance steps over and over again—making his act boring as time goes by.

With Miguel, Direk Joey saw the attempt to jump out of his box as he pushes through with his rendition of Rock DJ. He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of him rapping, and he was quite uncertain with this new package that the Romantic Crooner is trying to portray. Could the lad successfully carry out this new image? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 on Primetime Bida, every weeknight after My Girl!

Little Dreamer Angelo puts one over Billy

September 04, 2008 7:12 PM

Little Dreamer Angelo surprised Billy on Uberture this afternoon with his straightforward answers. The young dreamer admitted that he wasn’t hurt at all after being turned down by his crush Kelly. When asked who his new crush was, Angelo answered boldly that it was Nikki Gil in an attempt to tease Billy who is currently being linked to his fellow PDA host.

Angelo, on the other hand, believes that his Ate Laarni possesses extraordinary talent to win the Grand Star Dreamer title. But when it came to the little dreamers, Philip was his bet. After the short interview with Billy, two-time Outstanding Little Dreamer Angelo sang his winning piece, I Want to Break Free by Queen.

Also on the show was the scholars’ presentation of their Top 6 rankings. Miguel felt that Laarni had showbiz opportunities and was deserving of the second spot. He also mentioned jokingly that Van lacked vibrato and was worthy of the sixth place. Similarly, the Cebuano Heartthrob joked about placing Miguel in the Top 6 since he couldn’t reach high notes. With this, the Romantic Crooner provoked him to bring it on in the Finals. See how the rest explain their rankings and jam with Avril Lavigne on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bugoy and Van have Grand Dream Night jitters

September 04, 2008 2:57 PM

Bugoy and Van were awakened this morning by the voice over of people naming their bets among the scholars. Some would want Van and Miguel to win because of their exceptional talent while the others believed Cris and Laarni had improved a lot. Others placed their votes on Bugoy and Liezel since they had a distinct quality to their voice.

The two then were anxious about the upcoming Grand Dream Night and they tried evaluating themselves. Van observed that his voice was a bit weak compared to the others. Bugoy however convinced him that the rock genre doesn’t require a strong voice quality. Convinced by his best bud, he finally decided that each was competent in their own genre.

Another worry of the Cebuano Heartthrob was the people’s choice on who deserves to be the Grand Star Dreamer. It seemed to him that their talent wasn’t a huge factor in the public’s decision. Though they were presenting different genres and seemed to do a pretty good job in their craft, it still boils down to what the majority wants. How would the scholars deal with the growing pressure in the Academy? Stay tuned to the dreamers later on Uberture!

Little Dreamer Risie dreams big

September 03, 2008 7:11 PM

Uberture host Billy was quite stunned when Little Dreamer Risie revealed that she wanted to buy a yacht for herself with her earnings. Though it was top priority to help her family, she finds a yacht useful in traveling back and forth to her hometown in Palawan.

When asked who among the Little Dreamers deserved to win, she believes Philip has the most potential. As for the scholars, she thought highly of Bugoy’s talent and felt he was worthy of the Grand Star Dreamer title.

Meanwhile, the Acadreamians patted each other’s backs in their Media Performance class. As a confidence booster for the scholars, they would have to tell things they appreciated about their partner. While Van marveled at Miguel’s fighting spirit despite several probations, the latter was in awe of the wide vocal range of his partner.

Find out Direk Joey’s pointers and other advice for the Dreamers on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!