Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scholars rate themselves

September 03, 2008 1:22 AM

Last night, the Top Six Scholars had a chance to evaluate their over-all performance all throughout their stay inside the Academy. Aside from assessing themselves, they were given a chance to evaluate their co-Scholars performances as well. Based on these assessments they had, they were requested to rank themselves accordingly on the numbered white board where their pictures were situated.

Cris awarded the Grand Star Dreamer title to Laarni. She decided to rank herself third, next to Bugoy, because she claims that among all of them, she has been the most improved. According to her, she intentionally didn’t aim for the top two positions because she is already certain that the two names she placed there truly deserves it more than she does. Bugoy agreed with Cris’ top two. He admitted that he is threatened by Laarni’s edge, technique-wise, but he claimed that he intends to use this threat to his advantage by challenging himself to strive harder and reach the top.

Laarni thought the other way around. For her, Bugoy is currently on the top position, followed by Liezel. She only ranked herself third because she believed that she still lacked what it takes to be hailed a Grand Star Dreamer. In between her sobs, she uttered that maybe her talent could only go as far as top three, but given the chance, she admits that she really wants to make it to number one.

Same with Laarni, Van and Liezel thought that Bugoy is currently on the roll inside the Academy. Though the Pride of Puerto Galera is confident with the uniqueness of her voice, she is not really sure if it is enough to make her worthy of the prestigious title. Van thought the same way. He claimed that he already gave his best shot, and it seems that it will never be enough to at least be of the same caliber with Bugoy’s.

Among all six of them, Miguel was the only brave soul who put his own name on the top most position. According to him, he is only being true to himself. He said that he is really determined to claim the title because it is the main reason why he joined the competition in the first place.

The Academy averaged all the Scholars’ ratings to come up with an unofficial ranking of the Academy’s Top Six. Bugoy was on the lead, followed by Laarni on second, then Liezel on third, while Van occupied the fourth place, and Miguel and Cris share the fifth spot.

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