Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bugoy and Van have Grand Dream Night jitters

September 04, 2008 2:57 PM

Bugoy and Van were awakened this morning by the voice over of people naming their bets among the scholars. Some would want Van and Miguel to win because of their exceptional talent while the others believed Cris and Laarni had improved a lot. Others placed their votes on Bugoy and Liezel since they had a distinct quality to their voice.

The two then were anxious about the upcoming Grand Dream Night and they tried evaluating themselves. Van observed that his voice was a bit weak compared to the others. Bugoy however convinced him that the rock genre doesn’t require a strong voice quality. Convinced by his best bud, he finally decided that each was competent in their own genre.

Another worry of the Cebuano Heartthrob was the people’s choice on who deserves to be the Grand Star Dreamer. It seemed to him that their talent wasn’t a huge factor in the public’s decision. Though they were presenting different genres and seemed to do a pretty good job in their craft, it still boils down to what the majority wants. How would the scholars deal with the growing pressure in the Academy? Stay tuned to the dreamers later on Uberture!

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