Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Top Six and the Dream Mentors hold a farewell party

September 08, 2008 12:41 AM

It has been fun-filled three-month experience for all of them. In such a short span of time, great ties had been made, and knowing that they will soon be parting ways gave a little room for nostalgia on both parties.

The Top Six couldn’t thank the Mentors more for their teachings and guidance. One by one, they shared their sentiments and reflections with regard to their stay inside the Academy. All couldn’t help but feel privileged to work with the Dream Mentors, who happen to be some of the music industry’s biggest names. During Bugoy’s turn, he couldn’t help but get a little emotional.

Aside from Bugoy, Teacher Kitchy too got a little off hand with her tears. She admitted that she got too attached to them, and merely thinking of the parting causes a mild pinch on her heart. According to her, she will never ever forget the times she shared with them, because she, too, learned a lot from them.
After all the Mentors thanked the Scholars alike for the experiences, they also gave them words to live by. According to them, a mixture of joy, sorrow and anxiety play around their systems as they think about the Scholars’ upcoming exit. Joy is for their victory; sorrow will be for their separation; and anxiety to the possible odds that they might face once they step out the Academy. They kept on reiterating that the real world is indeed cruel, most especially to showbiz commodities which they will soon become, so they better prepare themselves. They also kept on repeating that they will always be there for them, just like their real parents.

To lighten up the drama, the Scholars arranged a little surprise for their teachers. In honor of their Mentors and everything they have taught them, the Scholars prepared a short skit characterized by their impersonation of the Dream Team. Laarni played the role of Teacher Monet, while Van portrayed as Direk Joey. Who among them dared to mimic the Headmaster and Teacher Kitchy? Find out tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again, and see who among the Scholars have a possible bright future in acting!

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