Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Dreamer Angelo puts one over Billy

September 04, 2008 7:12 PM

Little Dreamer Angelo surprised Billy on Uberture this afternoon with his straightforward answers. The young dreamer admitted that he wasn’t hurt at all after being turned down by his crush Kelly. When asked who his new crush was, Angelo answered boldly that it was Nikki Gil in an attempt to tease Billy who is currently being linked to his fellow PDA host.

Angelo, on the other hand, believes that his Ate Laarni possesses extraordinary talent to win the Grand Star Dreamer title. But when it came to the little dreamers, Philip was his bet. After the short interview with Billy, two-time Outstanding Little Dreamer Angelo sang his winning piece, I Want to Break Free by Queen.

Also on the show was the scholars’ presentation of their Top 6 rankings. Miguel felt that Laarni had showbiz opportunities and was deserving of the second spot. He also mentioned jokingly that Van lacked vibrato and was worthy of the sixth place. Similarly, the Cebuano Heartthrob joked about placing Miguel in the Top 6 since he couldn’t reach high notes. With this, the Romantic Crooner provoked him to bring it on in the Finals. See how the rest explain their rankings and jam with Avril Lavigne on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

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