Friday, August 29, 2008

Laarni is singled out by Teacher Maribeth

August 29, 2008 2:37 PM

In dance class this afternoon, Laarni seemed to lack presence of mind as she appeared to construct her own choreography. Missing steps consistently caught Teacher Maribeth’s attention and she finally singled her out from the rest.

The Independent Woman repeated the dance steps a few times until she satisfied the Dance Coach’s standard. However, she seemed to lose her confidence in dancing and was quite unsure of herself. Much later she started to get a hang of the activity and was soon enjoying the choreography.

The production number was a test of the scholars’ coordination as a group. Since it would also be their opening number, Teacher Maribeth reminded everyone to keep their energy high. They should be pleasant to watch and their movements should be sharp and accurate. The girls especially should learn to exaggerate and also coordinate among themselves to synchronize their steps. Will the scholars be able to wing their first musical number? See updates on the Acadreamians later on Uberture!

Teacher Monet flares up

August 29, 2008 1:05 AM

The Scholars received an assignment from Teacher Monet the other day. He asked all the girls to work on the song Respect by Anita Franklin, while the boys had to learn Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman to Me. During their supposed practice yesterday, the said mentor got furious upon knowing that some of the Scholars didn’t do their homework.

Unfortunately for Laarni, she was special mentioned under the delinquent students’ category, since among all the Scholars who failed to do their assignment she was the first one who caught Teacher Monet’s attention. Aside from her unfamiliarity with the song’s lyrics, it was also evident in the practice that she didn’t study the song at all because she was improvising her own rendition. She wasn’t gelling at all with the two lasses, Cris and Liezel, who came in class ready for recitation.

As the practice went on, Teacher Monet grew more disappointed. During the boys’ turn to show what they got, the mentor realized that they were actually no different from Laarni. He was indeed enraged by some of these Scholars stubbornness. Being the Academy’s Top Seven, he assumed that he could expect more from them.

Aside from plain stubbornness, Teacher Monet also played with the thought that the Scholars are probably growing too comfortable with him. He admitted that he was angered by the idea that they are not exerting as much effort to his class like they do in their other classes—causing him to walk out on them.

Aside from Teacher Monet’s fury, another issue that bothered the Scholars was the mystery text message they found posted on the bulletin board after their class. To whom could this angry text message be addressed? Find out tomorrow on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition, right after My Girl!

Acadreamians record their first album

August 28, 2008 6:49 PM

On the show this afternoon was a sneak peek at the Acadreamians’ first ever album, which will be released on Saturday. All were energetic and lively as they sang a medley composed by the Headmaster. Each Scholar was also assigned a song and the scholars gave justice to the heartfelt lyrics written by Mr. C himself.

Also on Uberture were ex-Little Dreamers Dean and Kelly. The two would be contending against four of their schoolmates and they were determined to land a spot in the Academy once more. Both had been devoting time in doing facial massages and rehearsing their pieces.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Expulsion Night continues to worry Van and Sen. Sen sought out the advice of Cris, while the Cebuano Heartthrob asked suggestions from Bugoy. The former wanted to create a solemn and emotional number but was anxious that his best bud would outdo him in performing. Would both take the competition personally and sacrifice their friendship? See this story plus a heartwarming moment between Sen and Zhel on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 after My Girl!

Proper Grooming with Barbie Chan

August 28, 2008 12:53 PM

Expert hair and make-up stylist Barbie Chan visited the Acadreamians to tip them on proper grooming. Soon to be public figures, the scholars had to maintain a clean and polished look even off camera. Barbie then taught them how to survive without make-up artists by revealing the trick to a fabulous five-minute make-up.

The pro stylist advised them that less is indeed more and good make-up should just enhance their features. The ladies should refrain from overdoing it and look as naturally as possible. To further demonstrate her point, Cris willingly obliged to volunteer as the model for women while Miguel represented the men.

After learning the do’s and don’ts of grooming, the Acadreamians had the chance to apply these. For 10 minutes, they hustled and bustled about creating their new do. Though Barbie was amazed at the first timers’ creation, she was particularly impressed with Van.

When it came to discovering their trademark look, the scholars had to know their dominant personality. It was crucial for their image to be consistent with how they act and present themselves.

Van and Cris felt they were rebellious while Sen and Laarni were more shy, mysterious and pleasant. If Bugoy knew he was a comedian at heart, Liezel wanted to be glamorous and sophisticated. One by one the scholars’ image were soon transformed into a more professional and artistic look. See the Acadreamians sport their new look plus Barbie Chan’s make-up tips later on Uberture!

Ex-Little Dreamers Jerome and Nikki vie for a slot in the Academy

August 27, 2008 7:25 PM

Expelled Little Dreamers Jerome and Nikki performed live on Uberture today. The two have been practicing non-stop for the upcoming Gala Night in order to earn their scholarship back in the Academy. While Jerome revealed that he had been practicing in front of the mirror, Nikki had been polishing on vocalizations.

Also on the show this afternoon was the scholars’ very playful mood yesterday. Bugoy’s stole a kiss from Liezel which inspired him to sing a heartfelt song. However, Zhel confessed that she was quite offended by Bugoy’s actions. Cris and Sen on the other hand shared a romantic moment when Miguel attempted to lock them in the restroom.

Later that day, the scholars were tasked to organize a musical production. All were devoted to the activity and immediately set to work. Will the scholars also prove to possess talent for acting? Catch their presentation plus Sen’s special encounter with his mom on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Direk Joey scolds the Scholars

August 27, 2008 12:26 AM

In his media performance class yesterday, Direk Joey gave out his fatal blows regarding the Scholars’ Gala Night performances last Saturday. He cared less with the Scholars emotions as long as he could express his great disappointment with some of them.

The media performance mentor still had problems with Miguel. According to him, though there was an improvement on the Romantic Crooner’s presentation, his stage presence remained cold and blunt. He still wasn’t able to overcome his bad habit of singing as if he is older than his age.

On the other hand, Direk Joey couldn’t deny Cris’ sexiness on stage. He agrees that the lass has that X-factor that could make men stop for a while and watch her every move on stage. His problem with her, on the other hand, was her tendency to overdo it. Based on his opinion, the Singing Interior Designer’s excessive flirting makes her look like a transvestite on stage, so he advised her to be conscious with her actions.

Among all the Scholars, Van received the most terrorizing sermon of them all. With his duet with Kitchie Nadal, Direk Joey couldn’t help but be enraged. He claimed that what Van did to his partner was indeed disrespectful. The way he made Kitchie look like his back-up singer is very unpleasant. Direk Joey understood that he may have been too pumped up, but he claimed that it isn’t an excuse to humiliate his celebrity counterpart.

After his lecture, Direk Joey gave out few pointers to the Scholars who will soon be facing the pressures of being in the Top Six. Since they were given the privilege of choosing their songs for the next Gala Nights, the media performance mentor told them to make the most out of it. In terms of choosing their songs, they were advised to maintain a pacing on their performances--in order to maintain an element of surprise.He also added that at this point in the competition, the Scholars’ main goal should be collecting supporters that will support them all through out until the big dream night. Who among them could possibly achieve this objective? Stay tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition every weeknight after My Girl, and find out for yourself!

Acadreamians discover more about industry

August 27, 2008 2:17 PM

The scholars discovered more about the entertainment industry from professional dance choreographer, Teacher Maribeth. All were intent on learning about the nooks and crannies of the business and were active participants in today’s session.

The Dance Coach was all for the scholars taking hold of their lives as they leave the Academy. Though they could rely on the network authorities to provide them with projects, it was better to take responsibility in seeking various career paths.

Aside from this, the scholars should learn how to do their own research on different music genres. Since they would soon be considered professional singers, they had to be armed with knowledge on these matters.

When it comes to performing, they themselves should enjoy their pieces and be confident about their interpretation. It was about time for them to showcase every technique and learning from their mentors.

Teacher Maribeth also taught them the value of presence of mind. Should they perform in a duet, the scholars should be aware of their partners and refrain from overpowering them. If they happen to experience an accident on stage, it was still crucial to maintain composure and conduct themselves as though nothing has happened.

The scholars listened attentively to their Dance Coach and provided situations they had been wondering about. Teacher Maribeth answered each thoroughly and rested their concerns. With the Acadreamians now fully equipped about the industry, would they be headstrong in facing the outside world soon? Don’t miss the events in the last 2 weeks of the Acadreamians on Uberture!

Little Dreamers get a second chance

August 26, 2008 7:02 PM

It was announced last Sunday that next week, the six expelled Little Dreamers will have another shot at getting the Little Grand Star Dreamer title. The two Little Dreamers who will get the highest score from the judges will once again regain their scholarships.

Ex-Little Dreamers Shane and Leon were excited with the possibility of joining their friends in the Academy once again. The two kids were on performance level mode as they sang their former gala pieces on Uberture.

Also on the show this afternoon was Laarni’s crash course on internalization. Liezel seemed to lack emotion whenever she performs and she finally decided to do something about it. She then approached Laarni and sought advice from her fellow Scholar. The Independent Woman told Liezel to draw from experiences on failing her family or even God. She pointed out that emotions do not necessarily have to be related to love or heartbreak. Should she lack personal experiences, she could try absorbing the problems of her peers and pretend to put herself in their shoes. Liezel gave it a shot and demonstrated an emotion-filled number to her co-scholar.

Later that evening, Teacher Monet facilitated a dating game for the scholars. Zhel and Cris would try to win the heart of Hansen and the two answered trivial questions as honestly and as charmingly as possible. Who among the two would Hansen feel most compatible with? Catch this romantic episode plus Direk Joey’s feedback on the celebrity duets on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Maribeth Bichara instructs the Acadreamians

August 26, 2008 2:40 PM

The Acadreamians were too stunned to speak as they saw PDA Season One Dance Mentor, Maribeth Bichara awaiting them in the studio. Everyone fell in line and anticipated the following activities.

Soon, they were asked to introduce themselves with attitude. One by one the scholars strutted their stuff on the dance floor and struck unique poses. Zhel particularly seemed confident and her classmates took notice of this as they cheered her on.

After which, Teacher Maribeth gathered the dreamers and gave out pointers on performing. She stressed the importance of respect, dedication and the passion to succeed. The Dance Coach discouraged the scholars from comparing themselves with other artists. Each had their own style apart from them having different ways of affecting their audience.

One thing she noticed about the current batch though, was that they lacked presence. The scholars still needed to focus on creating character and attitude on stage to arrest the attention of the people. Also, Teacher Maribeth urged them to try everything in the industry and refrain from saying ‘no’ and they ‘don’t know how to’.

With the scholars renewed drive to succeed, they were determined than ever to go all out in their fast opening number for the upcoming Gala night. How would Teacher Maribeth assess her first session with the dreamers? Who among them seems to have the knack for engaging the audience in their performance? Find out the answers to these by staying tuned to Uberture

Van shows poor class performance

August 26, 2008 2:03 PM

In the Scholars’ class with Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab tonight, they were taught how to sing with power. According to the Headmaster, with the finals night but a few weeks away, the Scholars were forced to learn how to sing with intense command. All of them lacked the right amount of energy to come up with a great show, and this is what Mr. C wanted them to focus on.

After the said activity, the Acadremians rehearsed a new piece Mr. C himself arranged. The said collection was a compilation of classic OPM hits like Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, Sana Maulit Muli, Kahit Isang Saglit, Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga, and Dito Ba. One by one, he asked the Scholars to sing their parts. All did a good job, that is except for Van.

In the said rehearsal, it seemed as if Van was out of focus. Aside from his poor knowledge of the song, he also had a slight problem with breathing so the Headmaster decided to pay special attention on him. His expression of emotions, too, was somehow problematic. Could his probationary status affecting his performance in class? Catch the whole story and more tomorrow on Uberture with Billy, right after They Kissed Again!

Van and Sen mentor the Little Dreamers

August 26, 2008 1:46 PM

Last weekend, Van and Sen were tasked to conduct dance lessons for the Little Dreamers. Inspired by Teacher Georcelle’s moves, the two lads went on dancing like pros. To start with, they initiated the warm up exercises. The two stood in front of the Little Dreamers so that they could easily imitate their moves. After the warm up exercises, they proceeded with the ramp posing activity. They administered the kids to fall in line and walk across the room and strike their best poses.

After walking their runway, the Little Dreamers were divided into two groups. One team was headed by Sen, while the other was held by Van. Sen’s group consisted of Angelo, Risie, Aubrey, and Amy. And since there were only seven of them, Van only had three members in his group, namely Philip, Kelly and Christina. As team leaders, Van and Sen were in charge of teaching the kids new dance routines, which they later on performed in front of all their Ate and Kuya who served as their jurors. Though they lack in numbers, Van’s team still won the competition with a total score of 45.

The best buds seemed to have worked well in mentoring the Little Dreamers in dance class, but it didn’t end the opposition raised by their probationary status. While they were hanging out at the garden, Sen joked Van regarding leaving the Academy. In a mocking tone, he told the Heartthrob to voluntarily exit instead of waiting until Saturday. Van didn’t mind the joke, but it was evident on his face that he wasn’t comfortable with the topic.

Back inside, Van couldn’t help but ask for reassurances from his co-Scholars. While playing around, Van tried to fish support from Bugoy and Cris. He asked them who they would prefer to stay inside the Academy. Since the two Scholars are close to both lads, they chose to keep their opinions to themselves in order to avoid unwanted issues. How could the Scholars, most especially those who grew closer to both probees, handle the Van and Sen’s situation? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition, weeknights right after My Girl!

Poy and Iñaki anticipate the Grand Dream Night

August 26, 2008 1:45 PM

Expelled Scholar Iñaki and Honorary Scholar Poy visited Billy on Uberture today. The two were in high spirits as they invited the fans to attend the Grand Dream Night which will be held on September 13. Billy grilled Iñaki though on his controversial relationship with Cris, to which he admitted missing the Singing Interior Designer, who has become a very good friend. Poy, on the other hand confessed that she was frustrated in failing to get a regular scholarship in the Academy. But as an Honarary Scholar, Poy is proud that she has accomplished her goals and that is for the scholars to improve themselves because of the competition.

Meanwhile, the Little Dreamers also had the chance to meet KC Concepcion. Everyone had the chance to perform for KC and all gave their absolute best. KC applauded Aubrey for easily conveying the message of her piece. Cristina however, KC thought she had to limit her movements and focus more on her singing. KC particularly enjoyed Angelo’s performance but he had yet to slow down and decrease his energy level.

All in all, the newest leading lady of the Kapamilya network was pleased with the performances of the young dreamers. Would the session with the Acadreamians run as smoothly? Catch KC with the scholars later on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sen gets emotional with his Gala night piece

August 25, 2008 1:23 PM

For the next Gala night, the scholars would have the authority to choose their songs on the condition that it should be close to their heart and it has the power to transform their audience. All instantly scribbled their favorite pieces and soon presented these to the mentors. While the others seemed detached with their song picks, Sen got emotional with his.

Among all his choices, the Cancer Survivor decided on His Eye is on the Sparrow by Lauren Hill. Even before he demonstrated his pick to the class, he broke down in tears. The song reminded him of an experience from the past and he couldn’t help but get emotional. Teacher Kitchy sympathized with Hansen as she brushed off a tear.

The mentors then set that moment as an example to the scholars who had a hard time making a decision. Like Sen, the piece should showcase their feelings and their capabilities. One crucial element was that they themselves should be moved by the song to be able to affect their listeners.

As the scholars thought of these, Teacher Monet expressed his observation of them. It seemed as though tension was brewing in the Academy and the atmosphere was quite heavy. Bugoy particularly seemed to isolate himself from the rest. How did the Farmer’s Son explain himself to the Voice Mentor? Could this occurrence be the effect of the nearing Top 6 declaration? Don’t miss the events in the Academy on Uberture!

Van’s post-probation depression

August 24, 2008 11:46 PM

Yesterday’s Probation Night still depresses Van. The Heartthrob still couldn’t believe that he is at risk of losing his dream on Saturday. To make this matter worse--if he does lose it--he will be losing it to his best friend in the Academy, Sen.

Inside the boys’ room, the lad couldn’t help but release his frustrations on Bugoy. He feels so disappointed that after all his hard work these past few weeks, a slight crash on his performance last night cost him everything he had worked for. Van couldn’t help but talk to Bugoy with a slight tone of envy.

On the other hand, Sen was having the same conversation with Cris. He kept on repeating to the lass that he badly wants to stay and be part of the Top Six. He was pretty much hopeful that his co-Taguig residents will support him.

Aside from wishful thinking, Sen couldn’t help but share to the Singing Interior Designer a few of his observations. He admitted that he never fails to miss some notes during performances. Unfortunately, these sharps and flats never miss the jurors’ ears either. According to him, he couldn’t understand why some of their co-Scholars could get away with the same mistakes and he couldn’t.

Van and Sen somehow grew distant of each other since this morning. Unlike before where they are almost inseparable, the two now prefer to mingle with other Scholars. Is it possible that their rivalry is starting to take its toll on their friendship? Catch this story and more on Uberture with Billy, tomorrow after They Kissed Again

Amy is this week’s Outstanding Little Dreamer

August 24, 2008 11:43 PM

A Tina Turner hit entitled What’s Love Got to Do, plus a remarkable voice quality, earned Amy another chance on the Outstanding Little Dreamer title on their 7th Gala Night themed after iconic interpretation. Though she had little troubles with diction, the 6-year old kid from Las Piñas was able to wow the two resident jurors, Jimmy Antiporda and Aiza Seguerra. The latter even jokingly questioned the child’s age since she sings too well for her age.

The Little Dreamers’ 7th Gala Night was indeed full of surprises. Aside from Amy’s performance and the other Little Dreamers’ show stopping iconic interpretations, another act shook the performance hall last night. Since it was show host Nikki Gil’s birthday, Billy Crawford, who happens to be the birthday girl’s special someone, went up on stage to offer her a bouquet of flowers.

Based on last week’s Gala Night, on the other hand, Kelly and Risie were placed in an awkward position after both received a needs improvement grade. Luckily for Risie, the viewing public had decided to keep her in the Academy after gathering 58.38 percent of the total text votes.

After five accumulated probations, Kelly finally bid the Academy goodbye. It could have been the end of her journey towards her dream, if not for the good news that Nikki brought. Luckily for Kelly and all other expelled Little Dreamers, they will be given another shot to try their luck inside the Academy. According to Nikki, there will be a Back to School Round next week, thus no expulsion shall take place. In the said round, all expelled Little Dreamers will be competing against each other for another chance inside the Academy, and two possible returnees will be taken in. Who among them could take hold of the priceless second chance in the Academy? Stay updated by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition with Toni, every weeknight right after My Girl!

The Academy’s finest meets ASAP’s pride

August 24, 2008 2:06 PM

While the scholars were cooking up a storm early this afternoon, the bell alarmed signaling Laarni’s performance on ASAP ‘08. Everyone immediately gathered in the living room and was soon glued to the television. All were awe struck at the powerful voices they were beholding and they gushed on about how captivating their fellow scholar was.

Laarni was truly a star as she shone in her showdown with ASAP’s pride, Zsa Zsa Padilla. She sang a heartfelt rendition of Hiram and had no inhibitions in expressing emotions. She continued to internalize all throughout the performance and was able to execute lessons she learned in the Academy.

The Independent Woman was exhilarated with the experience and was very proud to be doing a duet with the renowned Divine Diva. Zsa Zsa was equally pleased with their number and she acknowledged Laarni’s fantastic interpretation of the piece. Before they parted, she reminded Laarni to continue inspiring people with her music.

Meanwhile, the scholars returned to planning a birthday surprise for host, Nikki Gil. What could the Acadreamians have up their sleeve? See this birthday bash and the Little Dreamer’s Gala Night later on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Best friends Sen and Van are this week’s probees

August 24, 2008 12:47 AM

The jurors composed of Louie Ocampo, Gerard Salonga and Dulce were stunned tonight --not by the overwhelming celebrity performances, but by the astonishing improvements that the Scholars displayed on their duets with celebs. They were indeed awed by the Scholars performances on their 10th Gala Night, considering that they were placed side by side with some of the music industry’s strong voices.

Among all of them, Bugoy stood out with a final grade of 9.81, which also gained him the Star Scholar title. The jurors and the Dream Mentors were without a doubt wowed by his duet with Vina Morales.

Unfortunately for Poy, who wasn’t able to grab the Star Scholar title for the last time, she had to say goodbye to her co-Scholars, ending her stay in the Academy as an Honorary Scholar. Other than Poy, Iñaki too had to bid the Academy and his scholarship good-bye. Based on the viewing public’s decision, Miguel deserves a second chance inside the Academy, getting 75.97 percent of the total text votes.

Aside from the great performances and sad goodbyes, another shocker that turned the Academy upside down was the announcement of some modification on the probation process. Unlike before where the Academy announces the Bottom Four where two have a chance to be saved, now, they only called the names of the Bottom Two Scholars who will immediately fill in the probationary slots. Unluckily for best buds Sen and Van, who received final grades of 7.29 and 7.3, they have to battle it out with each other this week.

With Sen and Van having, successively, they are this week’s official Probationary Scholars. Who between the two of them deserve to stay inside the Academy and be part of the Final Six? To vote, type PDA and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk ‘n Text subscribers.

Tomorrow, watch out for PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Little Dreamers’ 7th Gala Night right after Goin’ Bulilit and find out who among the kids will take the Most Outstanding Little Dreamer title this week!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Probees’ extended birthday bash

August 23, 2008 1:00 AM

Still in line with the Probee birthday boys’ birthday week, a surprise celebration was held yesterday. Aside from good food set on the table, the two lads were shocked to see that some members of their families were there to celebrate with them. The two boys’ fathers and siblings welcomed them with warm birthday greetings and tight hugs. After their mushiness, they all gathered in the dining area to blow the cake candles and feast over the sumptuous meals.

Other than their families, Miguel and Iñaki’s friends also stopped by the Academy to greet them on their special day. The probees were somehow tricked into a supposed band rehearsal, only to find out that their friends are nonchalantly hanging out in the waiting area.

The Probationary Scholars couldn’t be more thankful for all the surprises they’ve been receiving for the past few days. Though both of them are threatened by the fact that one of them has to go this Saturday, they couldn’t help but enjoy their possible last week in the Academy.

Surprisingly, the birthday boys weren’t the only ones who were up for surprises. After their band rehearsal yesterday, the Scholars’ celebrity partners took the chance to give their break-a-leg presents to their counterparts—small gifts that could somehow help them prepare for the upcoming Gala Night.

Van received a journal from Kitchie Nadal. According to her, keeping a journal could help him with song compositions. Laarni, on the other hand, got a rosary from Jed Madela. Patterned to his personal belief, he claimed that carrying one could give the Independent Woman all the strength she needs. Bugoy, Sen and Miguel were given pei pa kwa, honey and apples, correspondingly, to help them relax their throats before a performance. As for Poy, Cris, Liezel, and Iñaki, their gifts happened to be what their partners refer to as comfort food. Based on their explanation, it is a performer’s privilege to indulge himself to something he really wants after putting on a good show.

Given the few gifts and tips that the celebs left for the Scholars, will they be able to pull off their duets tomorrow night? Who between the birthday boys will be saying goodbye to the Academy? Find out tomorrow by staying tuned on the live broadcast of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2’s 10th Gala Night, right after Varga!

KC says hello to Billy

August 22, 2008 7:23 PM

KC Concepcion dropped by the Academy this afternoon to catch up with “old flame” Billy Crawford and to promote her movie For The First Time, which will be showing in theaters this August 27. Aside from this, she also announced that she would be giving the scholars a pep talk this Monday inside the Academy.

Also making it on Uberture today was the scholars’ rendition of a classic song, Shadow of Your Smile. While Van had a unique version of the piece, Poy earned Direk Joey’s favor as she owned the song in her performance. Laarni though had yet to control her singing so as not to be predictable.

Meanwhile, Poy’s very concerned with making an impression on her last Gala night. She is determined to be the Star Scholar for the first and last time and she’s rehearsing a lot to perfect her piece. Will Poy finally reign on stage and claim the Star Scholar title? Check out the band rehearsals with their celebrity partners plus Miguel and Iñaki’s birthday surprises on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Liezel struggles in internalization

August 22, 2008 2:01 PM

On the last day of rehearsals, most scholars reported to Teacher Kitchy that their practices with their celebrity partners were running smoothly. However, Liezel felt that she was unable to come up to par with her pair. While Side A vocalist, Joey Generoso sang a heartfelt rendition of their piece, Liezel couldn’t internalize and she seemed detached from her song.

The Overall Voice Mentor then pep talked Liezel hoping to trigger an emotional experience. She was asked to think of her special friend leaving the Academy aside from recalling a time of an unreciprocated love. However, Liezel maintained a stoic expression.

But, Teacher Kitchy wasn’t ready to give up on her yet. She advised Liezel to set an emotion and convince herself of the feeling required to give life to her performance. Should she lack personal experience, it would be helpful to create an imaginary situation just so she would have something to internalize with. The Pride of Puerto Galera considered these and tried to apply it on her rehearsal. Will Liezel’s lack of emotions during her performances be her downfall? See this story plus the latest happenings in the Academy on Uberture!

Scholars go night swimming

August 22, 2008 12:41 PM

Tonight, with nothing much to do, the Scholars decided to take a dip in the pool with their in-house teacher, Sir Monet.

Pool time was indeed a fun time for all of them. Aside from swimming per se, they found more ways than one to enjoy themselves in the water. Teacher Monet, Iñaki, Bugoy and Laarni even had a breath-holding competition, where Poy served as their referee.

In terms of diving in the pool, the Acadremians also tried to enhance their creativity. One by one, they thought of different ways to jump in the pool. The person who makes the biggest splash gets awarded the title of Best Diver.

After their individual contests, they decided to move on to a group competition. The Scholars decided to make their own version of the Filipino kid’s game known as Agawan Base. Since they are in the pool, they modified it to become a ‘submerged’ version.

For the sake of plain fun itself, they also decided to make a three-storey human tower, in contrast to those usual two-storey ones. Their base was Iñaki while the top layer was Laarni. Sandwiched in between them was poor Bugoy.

After their fun-filled swimming break, the Scholars went back to work. Teacher Monet gathered all the Scholars in the living room to make an important announcement. According to the in-house mentor, all the Scholars are required to think of two dream songs—songs that are considered either inspirational or victorious. One song has to be fast paced, while the other has to be slow, and they had to submit it in a few hours. What are these songs for? Catch the full story tomorrow from Billy on Uberture, right after They Kissed Again!

Happy Birthday Probees

August 22, 2008 1:30 AM

Since it was the two Probees’ most special day, the Academy took the opportunity to give the two young men surprise presents. Both lads were given an opportunity to see their moms. Upon seeing his mother, Iñaki was obviously pleased. The two hugged and spoke how much they missed each other. It was indeed a happy sight. The love was there though no tears were shed.

In Miguel’s case, on the other hand, the scenario was somehow melodramatic. It has been a long time since the two of them saw each other, so when he saw his mom in the counseling room, Miguel immediately dived in his mothers arms. He mumbled words in between his sobs, saying that he was deeply sorry. His mom tried to hold back her tears as she greeted her son a happy birthday.

Aside from his mom, there was another surprise visitor who dropped by the Academy to greet Miguel a happy birthday. Ex-Scholar Bea was given a minute to drop off a plate of California Maki to her Scholar boyfriend. Miguel was pleased, and he admitted that he even got teary-eyed, but unfortunately the sudden partition of his girlfriend’s attention took away his dramatic frame of mind.

Other than receiving, the two probees celebrated their special day with the act of giving. After being told that Honorary Scholar Poy will be saying goodbye this Saturday together with one of them, the two initiated her surprise send off party. The two suggested a pool party. They even conspired with Bravia to discreetly push through with their plans. While Iñaki took care of the cooking, Miguel hid in the music room to create the collage they would give Poy as a remembrance.

In line with her exit, the Scholars bid Poy their testimonials. Everybody thanked her for everything she had done for them. With the Honorary Scholar’s absence, will the remaining Scholars be able to maintain the competing attitude she taught them or will they go back to their laid back performances? Stay tuned and find out on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 PrimetimeEdition, every weeknight after My Girl!

Miguel and Iñaki grant a request

August 21, 2008 7:03 PM

On Uberture today, texter Joanna Barrera met best buds Miguel and Iñakitotorequest a song by Sarah Geronimo for her best friend, Isay. Three years of friendship formed an inseparable bond between the two and though Isay migrated to New Zealand, Joanna knows they would remain the best of friends.

Also the Acadreamians’ tribute to Poy was shown this afternoon. The Honorary Scholar would soon be leaving the Academy and the Scholars reminisced the happy times they all had in the Academy with her. Miguel considered Poy as his companion whenever he felt withdrawn from the group. Iñaki on the other hand confessed that the Honorary Scholar was the reason behind the renewed bond among the scholars.

After the party, Poy confided in Laarni that she felt that failing to achieve the Star Scholar title had a purpose. In fact, she observed how the Scholars challenged themselves since her arrival. Laarni admitted that she was actually threatened by Poy and she pushed herself to the limit to succeed. Though Poy was considered as competition, the Scholars have grown to love her and would surely miss her presence.

Meanwhile, surprises awaited probees Miguel and Iñaki as they received special visits from their loved ones. Don’t miss this story and the Scholar’s pool party on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poy is grateful for Teacher Kitchy’s mentorship

August 21, 2008 12:43 PM

During rehearsals, Poy enjoyed singing her piece, “Living on a Prayer” and gave it her best shot. Teacher Kitchy acknowledged the Honorary Scholar and praised her for her unbelievable talent. In just a few weeks, Poy was able to come up to par with the resident scholars and even succeeded most of them. She already has the “magic voice” as Teacher Kitchy called it, and the Academy just further enhanced this prized ability.

However, Poy expressed that she owed much to the mentors. She was especially grateful of Teacher Kitchy and the techniques she imparted with them. The Overall Voice Mentor reminded her to keep learning and feeding her musical intelligence. Poy had the edge when it came to her talent but, she still needed to work out and tone her muscles to be more visually appealing. Teacher Kitchy then shared a few dieting tips and inspired Poy to follow her advice.

Before they parted, Poy embraced the the Overall Voice Mentor and expressed how honored she was to be mentored by her. Teacher Kitchy felt equally privileged to be working with someone possessing such talent.

Meanwhile, Miguel is celebrating his 19th birthday in the Academy. He was utterly surprised upon seeing his friends in the garden. What are other surprises awaiting the Romantic Crooner on his special day? Catch this story plus Poy and Teacher Kitchy’s heart-to-heart talk on Uberture!

Prayers for Bunny

August 20, 2008 7:07 PM

Happy yet sad, that's how Bunny Malunda felt upon her expulsion from the Academy last Saturday. She's very glad that she can finally be with husband Chivas and son Jether but she will also miss the lessons, the mentors and of course her fellow Scholars.

Speaking of her co-Acadremians, Bunny had a rift with Laarni before she left the school. However, Bunny clarified that they have already made up. She stated that she and Laarni are quite good friends. In fact she often defended Laarni when the other Scholars criticized the lass from Sultan Kudarat.

When asked about her and Chivas plans for the future, Bunny said she will finally be undergoing a throat operation this Friday (August 22) to have her cyst removed. The couple said they will ge gauging their plans according to the result of Bunny's operation and asked the PDA viewers to pray for its success.

Chivas and Bunny then closed the show with Billy by singing "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling.

Don't miss Martin Nievera's special visit to the Scholars on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2My Girl. primetime edition tonight right after

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poy and Laarni talk about Bugoy

August 20, 2008 3:38 PM

While in the garden, Poy and Laarni had a little chat regarding their stay inside the Academy. They talked about certain issues inside the school and how the outside world probably perceives all of it. Considering that the Scholars have been halfway through the season when Poy entered the Academy, she’s already aware of how people view the Acadreamians. Laarni tried to fish out some information from Poy, but the Honorary Scholar chose to keep her mouth shut.

Aside from that, the two were also able to share their thoughts regarding some of their co-Scholars, specially Bugoy. Poy admitted to Laarni that she finds Bugoy a little insensitive. One example she cited happened during their class with Mr. C yesterday. While watching the reruns, she said that she clearly heard how Bugoy commented on her body size. She admitted that she somehow felt humiliated considering the lad said it in front of everyone, including Mr. C.

Laarni too had sentiments towards the Farmer’s Son. She admitted that she was quite uncomfortable with Bugoy when they teamed up for the counterpoint challenge. She said that Bugoy once told her that she intentionally makes her voice louder so that she could outshine him.

The two assumed that Bugoy’s personality could be credited to his youth. They said that he is too young and too disturbed with a lot of thoughts that he dare not share it with anybody else. He tries to act jolly and all but deep inside he really has insecurities about himself. Could the two possibly be right? Catch this story and more tomorrow on Uberture with Billy, right after They Kissed Again!

Poy is down to her last week

August 20, 2008 12:57 AM

After the Gala Night last Saturday, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab had a word with the Honorary Scholar Poy. Sadly, the said meeting was set to inform the said Scholar of her upcoming exit. She has been in the Academy for three weeks, and she was indeed remarkable for consistently being in top three. Mr. C couldn’t even find enough words to thank her for everything she had done for them. He told her that improvements in the Scholars’ grades have been very evident ever since she entered the Academy. Unfortunately, this week will be her last week. She will be say goodbye to her friends inside the Academy on Saturday. The Scholars have no idea of Poy’s upcoming departure, since she was also instructed to keep it a secret.

Yesterday, the Scholars had their Singing with Personality class with Direk Joey. He emphasized to the Scholars, again, how important it is to sing with personality. As his first example, Direk Joey picked out Liezel. According to him, despite the lass’ great musicality, her lack of personality pulls her performance down. Considering that they will be singing with real music personalities, he was afraid that the power of the said personalities’ voices would eat up the Scholars’ performances.

Speaking of celebs, Iñaki, Sen and Poy finally met their celebrity partners. First to go in the music room to meet his duet partner, Bituin Escalante, was Iñaki. The two were pretty well acquainted because it so happened that the Stage Performer already worked together in a play way back in the lad’s younger days. Sen, on the other hand, was introduced to Rachel Alejandro, and they will be singing Stop and Talk a While. And to Poy’s surprise, she wasn’t only introduced to one personality because she was paired up with a group of commendable singers—the Ryan Cayabyab Singers.

The pressure is indeed on the Scholars. Being paired up with the Stars is indeed a great challenge they are expected to succeed. Will Direk Joey’s personality development class help them pull off their star studded Gala Night? How will the Scholars take Poy’s unannounced exit? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition with Toni, every weeknight right after My Girl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr. C calls Cris and Iñaki’s counterpoint the worst

August 19, 2008 1:59 AM

In the Scholars’ class with the Headmaster tonight, they had another series of sermons regarding their performances last Gala Night. While watching the reruns, Mr. C kept on pointing out problematic parts in their acts that might have caught the attention of the jurors last Saturday. He was growing quite frustrated that after all 8 Gala Nights they had within the past 2 months, they still keep on repeating their mistakes as if they were not taking their lessons seriously.

Out of all the counterpoint pairs, the team that bothered him the most was Cris and Iñaki’s duo. According to him, theirs was the worst performance that night, both on the individual and counterpoint categories. As a pair, the Headmaster claimed that they lacked the “gel factor.” Their individual performances were terrible as well.

Aside from criticizing their presentations last Saturday, Mr. C also left bits of advice for their upcoming Gala Night. Since they will be singing a duet with celebs on their 10th Gala Performance Night, they were all encouraged to deliver the best. He added that the singers the Scholars will be singing with are some of the biggest names in the industry, and if they will be able to pull this one off, they will surely earn their respect. Who among the Scholars will succeed the nerve-wrecking challenge of singing with the stars? Catch this story and more tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kissed Again.

Iñaki and Miguel are probee birthday boys

August 19, 2008 1:56 AM

The Scholars saved the Singing Interior Designer from probation last Saturday. Cris was able to gather all her co-Scholars’ votes, five out of five, including Sen’s. The lass was indeed surprised that after her somewhat betrayal to Sen during last week’s Probation Night, the lad’s ballot still had her name on it.

Unfortunately for the Academy best buds who are also just days away from celebrating their birthdays, Miguel and Iñaki are this week’s Probationary Scholars. Miguel calmly accepted the defeat, while Iñaki wasn’t able to hold himself from being a little emotional. He admitted that he badly wants to celebrate his birthday inside the Academy, so he is definitely not ready to leave anytime soon. After having a small chat with Teacher Kitchy, the Stage Performer finally swallowed the bitter pill, but still kept his high hopes that he will not be the one going home on Saturday.

For their 10th Gala Night, the Scholars are up for another great challenge. Again, the Scholars will be singing duets. But instead of being teamed up with a co-Scholar, they will be paired this time with a famous singer. Fortunately for some Scholars, they already had the chance to meet their star performer partners yesterday. Sheryn Regis dropped by the Academy yesterday to meet her Scholar partner, Miguel. She also brought with her a copy of their song entitled Never Say Goodbye. On the other hand, Cris was paired with Richard Poon for the song Kissing a Fool, while Laarni will be singing The Prayer with her idol Jed Madela.

Aside from the three music icons stated above, other famous singers will join the Scholars for a star studded Saturday duet night. Who could these stars possibly be? Who between Iñaki and Miguel deserves to stay inside the Academy? Voting is now officially open. Show your support by texting PDA and sending it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk ‘n Text subscribers.

Catch the latest updates inside the Academy by staying tuned to Pinoy Dream AcademySeason 2 Primetime edition, week nights right after My Girl!

Ex-Little Dreamer Dean receives a present from Billy

August 18, 2008 7:58 PM

4th expelled Little Dreamer Dean made a live appearance on Uberture today. He received toy cars from Billy as a treat for being a diligent student in the Academy. Upon learning that he was up for expulsion, Dean continued to make the most out of his scholarship.

The Little Dreamer from Laguna admitted that this was the first time he joined a reality show. He had been singing for quite some time and won a videoke competition back in his hometown. However, he has big dreams as he aspires to buy a house for his family. He felt that he could help his family this by auditioning for the Little Dreamers and giving every performance his best. Though unable to achieve the Grand Little Dreamer title, he continues to dream for himself and the well-being of his family.

Meanwhile, the scholars have decided on the Scholar whom they will save. Cris, Iñaki and Miguel – will they choose on the basis of friendship or on the level of performance? Don’t miss this episode on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

Acadreamians prepare for their duets with celebs

August 18, 2008 7:54 PM

The scholars were anxious with their upcoming number with the stars. However, they were challenged to bring their performances to the next level and impress their professional partners. One by one, the scholars ran through their pieces but not before Teacher Kitchy’s reminders and notes on the 9th Gala night.

Though the Overall Voice Mentor was awed by Poy’s number, there were slips here and there that needed polishing. Poy had yet to loosen up whenever she encounters high notes in order to maximize power supply. Her partner Van on the other had jutted out his chin which tightened his neck muscles.

Laarni and Bugoy also received recognition from the mentor. Laarni though had much to learn from Bugoy since she was apprehensive with her first note and was quite off-key. Conversely, the Farmer’s Son was slowly gaining confidence and was relaxed 85% of the time.

After which, the scholars attacked their new pieces with much fervor. Iñaki was excited with his new song and sang it with ease. Meanwhile, Van was still caught up with his problem on relaxing and sustaining notes.

Laarni sang a heartfelt rehearsal of the piece, “The Prayer” while Cris was worried with the unfamiliarity of her song. As soon as the class ended, she went to work in the garden and listened to her song numerous times.

If the scholars were anticipating the next Gala, Sen kept quiet most of the morning and seemed bothered. He revealed to Cris that he was scared about getting apprehended when he unknowingly committed a mistake. What could have gotten Sen into deep trouble? Find out and see who the scholars will be paired with on Uberture!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aubrey takes hold of the Most Outstanding Little Dreamer title

August 18, 2008 12:44 AM

Ten-year old Little Dreamer from Batangas, Aubrey, had her first taste of being an Outstanding Little Dreamer after she impressed the judges with her rendition of Fergie’s Big Girls don’t Cry on their 6th Gala Night. Being the last performer of the night, Aubrey proved that the last was indeed not the least. The panel of jurors, composed of Jimmy Antiporda, Aiza Seguerra and Jessa Zaragosa, were left speechless after her performance. Jimmy Antiporda himself couldn’t help but utter that hers was the best performance he had seen all night.

The Little Dreamer’s 6th Gala Night’s theme was all about growing up. In line with the said theme, they were also asked to share what they want to be when they grow up. Philip, one of last week’s Outstanding Little Dreamers, claimed that he wanted to be like his dad who happens to be a policeman. The other Outstanding Scholar, Amy, on the other hand, wanted to be a teacher, so that she could teach children, most especially the out of school ones.

Unfortunately, the said Gala Night was also a venue to announce another expulsion from the Academy. Based on their performances last Gala Night, Kelly and Dean were given a mark of needs improvement. Kelly has been under probation for four straight weeks now, and luckily, she was also saved four times. The public spoke once again to show their admiration for the lass from Valenzuela. She was able to garner 57.66 percent of the total text votes, leaving only 42.34 percent to Dean.

Kelly is indeed a lucky kid. Given four chances straight could really mean that the viewing public sees great potential in her. With great support from her fans, will she push herself harder on the next Gala Night? Who among the Little Dreamers has to say goodbye next week? Find out next week on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Little Dreamers’ 7th Gala Performance Night, Sunday right after Goin’ Bulilit!