Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chivas and Bunny reunite in a duet

July 31, 2008 7:05 PM

Earlier, Bunny diligently practiced the song “Always” by Atlantic Starr for a fan requested for her to sing it. When she was signaled to sing for Liway Alejandro on Uberture, she heard the familiar voice of her husband, Chivas. The two sang a heartwarming duet and tried hard to hold back their tears. They couldn’t seem to continue with their number and even before the piece ended, they professed their love for each other.

Also on Uberture was the showdown of the scholars during their Media Performance class. The competition was intense between Liezel and Laarni as both put their best foot forward in the exercise. However, Direk Joey seemed more pleased with Laarni since she had no inhibitions compared to Liezel.

Meanwhile, the 80’s idols visited the scholars in the Academy. The three special guests bonded with the scholars and taught them the value of simplicity, appeal and uniqueness. The scholars listened attentively to the singing gurus and later impressed them with a showcase of their own. Catch this story and more on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademySeason 2 later after My Girl

Liezel’s shyness becomes a huge obstacle

July 31, 2008 2:52 PM

The Acadreamians were able to finalize their choreography in dance class today. Since this would be one of their last meetings with choreographer Nash, they wanted to polish their numbers and make the most out of the time provided them. Most were all out in their performance except for Liezel. 

Two days before the Face-Off Challenge and yet Liezel still had many inhibitions in performing. As Nash instructed her to show her moves, the three time Star Scholar couldn’t loosen up and was conscious about her movements. The choreographer had to make her imagine that she was alone in the room just so she could break free from her reservations. However, she still failed to deliver. 

In Diction Class, the scholars had to sing their pieces with correct enunciation. Teacher Von couldn’t help but notice Liezel’s lack of singing presence. He observed that during her Gala performances, it seemed as though she was unsure of her actions. She was consistent in hesitating as she sang the first line of her piece. Fortunately, the clear quality of her voice was her strength and it saved her from the jurors criticisms. But, how far could she go with her lack of stage presence? And how is the ex-Star Scholar dealing with her weakness? Check out this story by tuning in to Uberture with Billy later after It Started With A Kiss 2

Scholars face their fears

uly 31, 2008 1:53 AM

One by one, the Scholars were called into the counseling room to “confront” their challengers. Each Scholar faced his or her corresponding opponent in the form of a cardboard face on a lifeless rag doll. There, they were given the opportunity to say whatever they wanted to the person who serves as a big hindrance on their path to pursue their dreams inside the Academy.

Iñaki went in the room first to talk to Miguel’s portrait. According to him, Miguel should start calling all the support he could get because he will do his best to climb his way out the Bottom Five. Miguel, on the other hand, claimed that his edge over him in terms of experiences on singing competitions will assure his passing grade on this round.

For Bunny, she claimed that she could outdo Cris since she is more expressive compared to the Singing Interior Designer. Sensually speaking, Bunny said that she has more potential. In contrast, Cris said that her song itself was an advantage on her part. The power of the song will coincide with the power of her voice.

On this said activity, friendship was set aside between the Academy buddies, Van and Sen. Though Sen was able to play safe by merely saying that he will do his best, Van’s approach was somehow harsher. According to the Heartthrob, his best bud has to be ready because he is very much certain that he will be the one taking a spot on the Bottom Five.

Bugoy, a consistent high scorer, was pretty much confident of himself, thus daring Apple to beat him. It seemed as if Apple accepted the challenge with her own words. According to her, her performance will be filled with “X-factor” that could surpass his great singing ability.

For Laarni, on the other hand, despite the commendable quality of Liezel’s voice that she herself claimed, the Independent woman said that she isn’t afraid of her, the same as she isn’t afraid of her Special Showdown with Poy. In this said special head to head challenge, who between the two is ahead over the other? Find out by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Primetime edition, weekdays after My Girl

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christian performs a Michael Jackson hit on Uberture

July 30, 2008 7:01 PM

Ex-PDA Scholar Christian visited Billy on the set of Uberture today and performed his rendition of Michael Jackson’s, The Way You Make Me Feel. Aside from this, he the young man also shared his experience as a student inside the Academy. From all the lessons he learned, he values the breath flow technique the most.

Christian was also asked about what he felt during his farewell performance last Saturday, when the other Scholars became preoccupied with waving to the audience instead of listening to him. Though Direk Joey felt offended for Christian and reprimanded the Scholars, the Small Boy Wonder brushed it off since he understood that they were showing appreciation towards the fans.

When asked who his favorite mentor was, he admitted that it would have to be Teacher Monet. He also revealed that his scholar crushes were Apple and Liezel. Christian also revealed that he feels Laarni would be the Grand Star Dreamer since she was a versatile singer.

Meanwhile, competition is fierce inside the Academy now with the face off challenge. Even the usually tame Cris and Bunny tried to out do one another in singing the high notes. However, when it came to performing, Bunny was wary with how she would fair on stage. The Teacher Wife wasn’t confident with her moves so she asked advice from dance teacher Nash. Cris on the other hand was excited with her choreography since it leaned towards her forte, sensual dancing. Will Direk Joey take notice of this and give points to Cris? All these and more on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 with Toni Gonzaga right after My Girl!

The Acadreamians are urged to step up

July 30, 2008 2:35 PM

Two days before the final showdown and yet the scholars seemed to have much adjustments to make in their performances. Some still had diction problems while the others kept losing their voices as they sang high notes.

Teacher Monet was frustrated with his team that he urged them to devote time to studying. Lack of practice was visible in their performances and this should be avoided at all cost. Apart from this, he challenged them to make the sacrifice of diligent practicing in order to produce remarkable results. The more they invest in it, the more rewards they would reap.

To eradicate hindrances in stepping up, Teacher Monet conducted an open forum for the scholars. Healthy relationships were crucial in the Academy since it helps them in developing a positive outlook. The Voice Mentor believed it was about time for them to confront their problems and know how these affect their fellow scholars.

Laarni admitted that the others were a distraction to her like she was to them when she practices her piece. However she still didn’t know how to solve this. Bugoy and Poy on the other hand felt that they were their own distraction. Apple and Iñaki were at times oblivious that their being talkative annoyed the others.

In the end, the Voice Mentor reminded them that the most important thing was that they were friends. The open forums seemed beneficial in threshing out their differences and settling it once and for all. Will this new outlook and healthy relationship with the others refuel the scholars’ passion in pursuing their dreams? See how this pep talk affects the scholars and tune in to Uberture!

Scholars are up for a recording

July 30, 2008 12:21 PM

Last Night, after Mr. C’s assessment of the Scholars’ performances on the previous gala night, he called the Scholars one by one to join him in the piano room. The Scholars first thought that it would be another long night of practice, but upon getting their hands on the lyrics, they were shocked that they will be learning new songs.

The said new songs happen to be the Headmaster’s new compositions. He gave all the Scholars one song to learn each. Each song was meticulously crafted taking into consideration the prospected singer’s voice quality and power. Aside from the said technicalities, Mr. C also made sure that the corresponding song that a Scholar gets will reflect so much of his or her personality and image.

Tonight, the Headmaster dropped by the Academy once again to have the Scholars practice his compositions. This time, he intends to have their voices, accompanied by his piano, recorded in the music room. The Scholars got a little excited with the idea, but what thrilled them the most was the Headmaster’s next announcement.

According to Mr. C, he is currently working on a new CD, and to their surprise, the songs that he taught all of them will be included in the said album. Given the fact that they had to allocate a lot of time in order to learn Mr. C’s songs, how will this affect their preparation for the upcoming Gala Night? Stay tuned to PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 to monitor the Scholars’ preparation for their “Face-off Challenge” and this said upcoming album.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poy takes an extra task

July 30, 2008 2:10 AM

In line with Poy’s task to challenge the 10 remaining Scholars inside the Academy, the Headmaster brought to her attention that she needs to learn another song for Saturday. The Honorary Scholar was indeed shocked of the new task, but what shocked her most was the new challenge that awaited her and Laarni.

Aside from her aim to win the Star Scholar title, she will have to face one particular Scholar every week for a “Face-off Challenge.” And for this week, that Scholar has to be the Independent Woman, Laarni. Both of them will be singing the same song, but of course, the one who comes up with a better performance gets the credit.

Speaking of the “Face-off Challenge,” more are expected from the Scholars, thus the loads on their backs are getting heavier as the Gala Night fast approaches. To help them with their choreographies, Sherwin and Nesh took the honor of coming up with effective dance moves for their songs.

While the Scholars strived hard to improve their songs, the Dream Mentors had their own personal assessments of the Scholars’ development. Laarni was assessed to be musically good, though she needs minor pointers on proper posture. But despite her great musicality, the Mentors were quite concerned of her emotional instability.

Apple and Miguel, on the other hand, have problems on outshining the others. The Mentors were confident that the two are promising, but their attitude towards their work just isn’t enough to produce an output that could be deemed their best.

There are few more days for the Scholars to improve on their performances. Will they be making the most out of it, or will they just let luck take its toll on the 7th Gala Performance Night? Stay tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and find out how the Scholars are taking their lessons now that the competition has just begun.

Ex-Little Dreamer Shane sings her gala piece on Uberture

July 29, 2008 7:09 PM

Ex-Little Dreamer Shane sang her final Gala piece on Uberture today. Though first to be expelled from the Academy, she was still in high spirits as she sang her upbeat piece Fame by Irene Casa. When asked what valuable lesson she learned in her classes, she answered that it was the proper breathing technique. Shane also shared to her Kuya Billy that her favorite scholars were Bugoy, Liezel and Iñaki.

Also on the show was the Headmaster’s feedback on the scholars. Iñaki finally got the technique of eye contact and was able to use it during his performance. The “boy band” made up of Sen, Van and Bugoy on the other hand was close to producing a notable performance however, they still needed much confidence and energy.

Meanwhile, Direk Joey wasn’t too happy with the scholars’ reactions during Christian’s final performance.

As the Small Boy Wonder sang his piece for the last time, the Acadreamians were preoccupied with waving to their family and fans. The Performance Master reminded them to be sensitive about the feelings of the expelled scholars. All he was asking them was respect for their teammate whom they somehow shared their fondest memories with. How did the scholars react to Direk Joey’s sudden outburst? Will this affect their performance in their afternoon session with him? Find out the answers to this and tune in to the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

The Face-Off Competition Begins

July 29, 2008 2:42 PM

This morning, Teacher Kitchy called in the scholars by pair to practice their pieces. Both Liezel and Laarni had high vocal ranges and they tried to measure the other by observing the octaves one could reach. The two sang at the top off their lungs and were in the performance level mode.

The Overall Voice Mentor noticed that both had the same problem of collapsing their ribcage which cuts off their air supply. Both had to belt out their songs and this disabled them from doing so.

Bugoy on the other hand only had to polish his piece while his opponent, Apple seemed to have a long way to go in perfecting hers. However, she was determined to hit the right notes and achieved this at the end of their session.

If Van had problems in shifting of notes, Sen kept losing his breath support and ended the last line of his song abruptly. Though the latter experienced difficulty in sustaining the last note, he was comfortable with his Latin piece “Bailamos” and even grooved as he rehearsed. His competition on the contrary seemed tensed up in reaching the high keys.

Meanwhile, Miguel already had a gimmick and decided to play the piano for the first part of his number unlike Iñaki who had yet to think of an act. Cris still couldn’t think of how to end her song while Bunny had technical singing problems. How else will the scholars step up their game as they vie to be in the Top Five? Accompany the scholars as they face their newest challenge and tune in to Uberture!

Headmaster Ryan judges the Scholars’ performances

July 29, 2008 10:35 AM

Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab dropped by the Academy to share his personal assessment of the Scholars’ performances last gala night. Group by group, he called them so that they could hear what he had to say.

The first batch to hear his comments was the hailed “Best Performers of the Night,” Van, Sen and Bugoy. He commended the three for showing off their best performance last Saturday. He was very impressed that the three made the most out of the week to practice and perfect their act. He even added that their confidence was truly remarkable. Wherever they pulled out that kind of poise, he was hoping that they could keep it up.

Confidence was the best selling point of the above mentioned, but for Liezel, Cris, and Bunny, it was the other way around. Mr. C noticed that this was the weakest point of their performance. The way they held back themselves while singing during the gala night was apparent, and as the Headmaster claimed, small details such as that could greatly affect the perception of their audience.

On Apple, Miguel, and Laarni’s case, their lack of coordination was the primary cause of their downfall. The Headmaster assumed that they probably lacked proper practice. They weren’t able to “gel” since they were not sensitive of each other while performing.

Aside from the trios, Mr. C also called the Honorary Scholar, Poy, so that he could share his insights on her first ever. What could be the good and bad points of Poy’s performance? Does the Headmaster find her competent enough to perform the task of challenging the Scholars and aiming for the top? Catch the whole story on the Headmaster’s assessment of the 6th Gala Night on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Uberture and Primetime editions.

Scholars face a bigger challenge

July 29, 2008 2:56 AM

After putting up a show that Direk Joey claims to be their best among all the others, it seemed as if the Academy was forced to make the competition more challenging for the Scholars. Their 8.5 GPA was a proof that the Scholars are now ready for the next level—a tougher and rougher challenge.

To start with the test, the Academy placed an Honorary Scholar, Poy, tasked to make the Scholars exert more effort every week. But aside from that, there was another test introduced to the Scholars that will surely work out all their vocal muscles to its limits.

For their 7th Gala Performance Night, the Scholars will be having a “Face-off Challenge.” The remaining ten Official Scholars were paired up for a one on one competition. And sadly, the consequence for the losing party is definitely a painful one—an automatic probationary status.

Unfortunately, the Scholars didn’t have the privilege of choosing their songs. Just like with the names of their rivals, the songs were chosen for them. Liezel and Laarni was the first pair to sing Listen and ‘Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin, successively. Liezel admitted that she is somehow threatened of being braced up with Laarni. She was very much aware of Laarni’s good voice quality, and she was concerned that she might not be able to beat her. Somehow, this was Apple’s concern too upon hearing that her opponent will be Bugoy. And though Bunny has a problem with her throat, Cris was still threatened that she is way better than her.

While the three above mentioned pairs were concerned on the possibility of failure, the two remaining pairs, Van and Sen’s and Miguel and Iñaki’s, were more concerned of the fact that they have to compete against their best buds inside the Academy. Given the circumstances, will they be able to put their best foot forward at the expense of their best friend’s dream? Keep yourself updated by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, Mondays to Fridays after My Girl.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cris talks Miguel out of his solitude

July 28, 2008 1:31 PM

A lot have noticed Miguel’s sudden change of personality inside the Academy since he and Bea went under probation. From the lively and comic Miguel that they used to know, the Romantic Crooner suddenly evolved to a serious and quiet person who often enjoys being alone.

Apple was the one who first talked to Miguel regarding this after Bea’s expulsion, but the Romantic Crooner was insistent with his claim that there was nothing wrong with him. Though Apple was not convinced, she just left Miguel be with his thoughts, hoping that her friend could shake off whatever it was that was bothering him.

Some Scholars assumed that Miguel’s sudden change of attitude has something to do with Bea’s exit. It has been more than a week now since Bea’s expulsion from the Academy, and as some of the Scholars’ observation, it somehow coincides with Miguel’s sudden shift of mood.

Cris had the chance to have a private chat with the Romantic Crooner tonight, and she immediately took the opportunity to bring up the issue regarding his sudden quietness. She immediately asked him what was bothering him. Unlike with Apple before, Miguel is more open of the thought now. To answer her question, he admitted that there are a lot of reasons behind it, causing him to lose interest on enjoying a lot of things around him. What could these reasons be? Could it be related to Bea’s expulsion? Stay tuned to PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 to find out the whole story behind Miguel’s sullen mode.

Cristina is this week’s Outstanding Little Dreamer

July 28, 2008 1:11 AM

The Little Dreamers’ theme for their 3rd Gala Night was “nature and the world.” In line with this theme, all eleven of them were asked to prepare songs that promote preservation of the environment, and do their best to impress the panel of jurors composed of Jimmy Antiporda, Rachel Alejandro and Barbie Almalbis.

The show was opened by the act of last week’s Probationary Little Dreamers, namely Kelly and Leon. Kelly took the stage first with her own rendition of Masdan mo ang Kapaligiran. She was followed by Leon’s heartfelt performance of The Carpenters’ Bless the Beast and the Children.

Last week’s Outstanding Little Dreamers, Angelo and Philip, didn’t miss to once again catch the eye of the jurors. Angelo’s performance of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World made Rachel Alejandro notice the little boy’s appealing stage presence. According to her, Angelo is a type of singer that greatly affects his audience, because she herself was moved by his act. It was all in all good, but Rachel Alejandro added that it could have been better if not for his diction problems.

If Angelo wooed the jurors with his presence, Philip, on the other hand, earned the admiration of Barbie Almalbis with his rather powerful voice while singing Anak ng Pasig. According to her, his strong emotion towards the song plus the over-all power of his voice could bring his audience to surrender on what he has to say. Barbie also found his point of distinction among the others—he is somehow a “Little Rockstar.”

But despite the good show that the two former Outstanding Little Dreamers gave, they weren’t able to defend their title this week. Cristina was the one who went home victorious after being hailed as this week’s Outstanding Little Dreamer for her rendition of Leah Navarro’s Isang Mundo, Isang Awit. The jurors were pretty impressed with her ability to maintain the right notes and her complimenting hand gestures.

Tonight, the Little Dreamers were cut down to 10 after the official announcement of Leon’s expulsion from the Academy with Kelly getting 76.64 percent of the total text votes. It wasn’t actually a lost on Leon’s part since he went home with a new Nintendo DS.

It was said that the theme for the Little Dreamers’ 4th Gala Night will be “oldies.” Who among the kiddies would stand out with their retro inspired performances? And based on the third gala night presentations, who among the remaining 10 will receive a “needs improvement” mark? Find out next week on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 every Sunday after Going Bulilit to keep yourself posted on the latest updates on the Little Dreamers.

The Acadreamians prepare for the Face-Off Challenge

July 27, 2008 4:35 PM

Early this morning, new scholar, Poy announced the theme for the 7th Gala night. For the Face-Off Challenge, the scholars would be paired and they had to compete against their partner. The lower of the two would belong to the Bottom Five.

To incite competition between the pairs, they underwent the first challenge of the week. Each picked their dare in the fishbowl and everyone seemed game to know who was better skilled in the challenges. The best part of it was that the Little Dreamers would be their judges.

Laarni and Liezel had to prove who was better in storytelling while Van and Sen had to do a comic act. Miguel and Iñaki had to do a hula-hoop showdown while Cris and Bunny had to show-off their dancing prowess. Apple and Bugoy on the other hand had to make a superb dish made only of eggs.

Hansen was a bit worried that best bud Van would be his rival this Saturday. But Bugoy allayed his fear and assured them of their friendship. Meanwhile, Cris was anxious with the challenge since Bunny seemed to have an edge in dancing. But since the quality of their performances could be relative where the Little Dreamers are concerned, it was anyone’s game. Who would the kids prefer among the pairs? And who would be the Bottom Five for this challenge? Stay tuned to Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Say Goodbye to the Small Boy Wonder

July 27, 2008 12:22 AM

The people have spoken, and they chose Iñaki to fill in the final spot of the Headmaster’s list of top ten scholars. It was definitely a close fight, and unfortunately, Christian was on the losing end, with only 43.99 percent of the total votes. His emotion towards his expulsion was apparent as he sang his final song on the Performance Hall stage.

Though Christian’s exit brought melancholy, all in all, the entire show was a blast. The three jurors, namely Louie Ocampo, Verni Varga and Gerard Salonga, couldn’t be happier with the Acadremians’ trio performances. They were indeed impressed that the scholars are finally doing their best on stage. The judges couldn’t help but exclaim how pleased they were to finally find themselves enjoying while watching all of the scholars perform.

With too much amusement, the jurors just couldn’t stop giving out high grades all through out the night. Sen, Van and Bugoy’s group was one of the lucky trios who had received a generous grade from the jurors for their a capella version of the song Yesterday. Their rendition seemed to be too good to be true that it left Gerard Salonga in awe and speechless. Their superb performance also earned them the title Best Performance of the Night.

In line with announcements, the Scholars were also informed that there will be no probationary scholars for this week, thus there will be no expulsion taking place next Saturday. Instead of losing a co-scholar, surprisingly, they will be gaining another one—an honorary scholar tasked to challenge the Headmaster’s Top 10. The said addition to the Academy was one of the wait-listed Dreamers in the final casting—Poy from Zamboanga. The honorary scholar’s job is to grab the top spot from the scholars in three consecutive performance nights. In doing so, she will win P50,000 a night or a total of P150,000 which will be deducted from the three Star Dreamers’ pot money of P1.8 million. Poy will also have the chance to choose to return the money the money and become and official scholar instead.

Will Poy be able to accomplish her tasks as an honorary scholar? How will the original scholars take the news? Don’t miss the exciting happenings in the Academy and the Little Dreamers gala night tomorrow right after Goin’ Bulilit.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Academy adopts an Honorary Scholar

July 26, 2008 1:11 AM

By tomorrow night, the Acadremians will be cut down to 10, leaving smaller room for competition. And since this will be the case, the Academy decided to further spice up the competition by adding a twist in a form of an Honorary Scholar. And to fill in the said position, Dreamer from Zamboanga, Poy, was called to take the spot.

Though Poy failed to achieve her dream of entering the Academy at first try, now, the Academy held its door wide open to let her try her luck once more. As an Honorary Scholar, Poy does not have the privilege of contending for the Grand Star Dreamer title. This sets her apart from the Official Scholars. Though she will be studying along with all Scholars inside the Academy, she will have to complete a task set only just for her.

The Honorary Scholar’s main task inside the Academy is to challenge the top ten Official Scholars. Every week, Poy has to aim for the Star Scholar of the Week title in order to earn her instant P50,000, which will be deducted from the cash prizes in store for the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2’s finalists.

Aside from cash, another reward that awaits Poy is the fulfillment of her big dream. Once Poy gets her hands on three Star Scholar of the Week awards, she will be given a choice to either take home P150,000 or become an Official Scholar of the Academy and the chance to aim for the Grand Star Dreamer title.

Tomorrow night, on the 6th Gala Performance Night, Poy’s official entry inside the Academy will be announced, together with the name of the Scholar who will have to say goodbye to the Academy. Who between Christian and Iñaki will that be? Find out the answers tomorrow night live on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 right after Kapitan Boom.

The Academy becomes Charlie Green’s playhouse

July 26, 2008 1:07 AM

Earlier today, the Scholars were asked to watch a video of Charlie Green, the 10-year-old Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist. But little did the Scholars know that this wonder kid will personally drop by the Academy to sing for them, and listen to their songs as well.

Charlie Green is half Filipino, half British, with his mother hailing from Cebu. He arrived in the Philippines last Thursday, and luckily, he was able to fit a short visit inside the Academy in his busy schedule.

While the Scholars were inside their respective rooms, Teacher Monet did the honor of picking up the child wonder from the Academy doors and showing him the way inside. And while singing his rendition of Smile, he knocked on the doors of the Scholars’ rooms to invite them over the living area and join him for a night of singing.

The Scholars were indeed impressed with the kid. For such a young age, they just couldn’t believe how talented he was. It was a happy night of singing for all of them. He taught the Scholars how to sing Smile, why they taught him the song Awit ng Pangarap in return. Sadly, the event has to be cut short for the boys because they had to attend their late-night Yoga class.

Having a kid inside the Academy somehow uplifted the spirits of the Scholars. Since he was just a kid, they couldn’t help but end up cuddling him. And since Bunny has been long away from her family, she couldn’t help but be reminded of her son upon seeing the lad.

Tonight was somehow a night of play for the Scholars. Since the gala night is only a sleep away, this type of relaxation can indeed be helpful. Now that they were given the privilege to shake off the pressure of tomorrow night’s trio performances, will they be able to give their best on stage? Find out tomorrow on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2’s 6th Gala Performance Night!

Charlie Green sings his winning number on Uberture

July 25, 2008 7:58 PM

Charlie Green, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist, relayed his experience on the popular singing show. His British father influenced him to join the contest and applied for him on the internet. Not long after, he was called for an audition and his career started from then on.

On being judged by Simon Cowell, Charlie explained that the experience was nerve-wracking but he enjoyed being on the show. After a brief welcome of sorts by Billy Crawford, the half-British and half-Filipino child star performed his winning number of Frank Sinatra’s Summerwind.

To cap off the star-studded week of the Acadreamians, renowned singer, Lea Navarro visited them last night. She gave the scholars pointers on stage presence and poise among others. The scholars were asked to think of their idol, identify what made them stand out and later incorporate these to their Revival Night performances. All seemed to be inspired with this lecture that they instantly practiced right after.

Meanwhile, Iñaki admitted to Hansen that he wanted to stay in the Academy. Apart from wanting to learn, he couldn’t explain how honored he was to be mentored by the Dream Team.

However, it wasn’t for him to decide who should be expelled tomorrow. He has yet to polish his duet with Christian which still had glitches here and there. Will the two be able to refine their performances in time for the revival-themed gala night? Catch this story plus the scholars’ session with Lea Navarro on the primetime edition of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

Teacher Kitchy gives final pointers before the Gala night

July 25, 2008 3:21 PM

The mentors were up and about this morning coaching the scholars on. Hansen was tutored on his Tagalog pronunciation while Bunny was instructed on proper breathing. Probees Christian and Iñaki were given the most attention to be able to improve their singing.

Since Iñaki couldn’t seem to vocalize properly, Teacher Monet demonstrated for him. As he sang the scale, the scholar responded with a quite off-key version. Teacher Kitchy assisted him with his breath flow and soon enough he was able to vocalize smoothly.

After each had their turn with the mentors, the Overall Voice Mentor gathered them and gave out pointers. She started with igniting the fire in them and reminded them of their purpose in the Academy. Though thousands tried their luck, only 16 of them were given the privilege of a formal training. Even popular artists wanted to undergo systematic education to improve their craft but were not given the opportunity.

Aside from this, Teacher Kitchy stressed the need for a positive working attitude. Soon they would all be on the same plane, but their work ethics would differentiate them from the rest. It was crucial to be professional in the field and deliver when they were asked to.

Lastly, she reminded them to think long-term and never think of being eliminated. With this said, the scholars had to make the most out of the opportunity and perform as though it were their last. Will this pep talk suffice in driving the scholars to a fabulous trio performance tomorrow? Catch this story plus see the Acadreamian girls’ witty spiel later on Uberture!

Leah Navarro talks about stage presence

July 25, 2008 10:08 AM

Despite her busy schedule as an active member of the Black and White Movement, Leah Navarro still had a few hours to spare with the scholars and impart bits of advice that could help them on their upcoming Gala Performance Night. Being a famous singer, it was indeed admirable to catch her sitting in front of the scholars and sharing some tips on enhancing their stage performances.

Though the weather wasn’t really cooperative, the lesson pushed through. To start her discussion, she asked the scholars to identify the singers they personally find impressive on stage. Christian shared his own opinion first, and he dropped the name of Michael Jackson. According to the Small Boy Wonder, aside from his idol’s voice, his extraordinary dance moves added extra points to his total stage presence. Apple, on the other hand, cited Barbara Streisand for her undeniable wit on stage and effortless performances. Gary V’s attention grabbing posture and overwhelming faith every time he is on stage made him Miguel’s top choice.

Based on the scholars’ personal quantification of a good stage performance, Leah cued her actual discussion on the subject matter. She was pleased that most scholars have keen eyes for details in terms of evaluating performances, because in their own points of view, they already grasped the idea of keeping the stage presence alive. To further strengthen her discussion, one by one, she pointed out the basic points to remember in gaining stage presence, starting form the entrance up to the last note of the song. In the said discussion, she also highlighted the importance of coming in a performance prepared physically, emotionally and mentally.

Since the scholars’ upcoming Performance Night requires singing in groups, their presence on the stage plays a vital role in their overall success. All of them need to compliment the other members of the group on stage. How will they do this? With the help of Leah Navarro’s tips and tricks, will the scholars be able to give out their best performances on Saturday? Keep on watching Uberture and Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Primetime for more updates on the scholars.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

“Scholar-teacher” disputes inside the Academy

July 25, 2008 12:42 AM

During Diction Class, Teacher Von couldn’t help but be annoyed with Laarni’s lack of focus inside the classroom. He couldn’t help but notice Laarni’s continuous giggling in the middle of a class activity. Unfortunately, Laarni’s mischief affected even the performances of other Scholars, so Teacher Von immediately took action by calling her attention to be next in line for the activity. Even during her turn, Laarni was out of focus. Teacher Von required her to recite the sentence he asked them to memorize earlier while giving out a sad emotion, but she couldn’t complete the task because she claimed that she was too happy to be sad. Laarni’s lack of cooperation reached the teacher’s nerves so he asked her to immediately step out of the room and come back once she is ready.

Aside from Teacher Von and Laarni, another “Scholar-teacher” pair had a bad encounter. While practicing their Saturday night number during Teacher Kitchy’s class, Iñaki and Christian got a “not-so-nice” comment from Teacher Monet. In front of Iñaki and Christian, he claimed to the Over-all Voice Mentor that the duet partners are already giving up their performance since they are on probationary status anyway. Sadly, Iñaki didn’t take this comment lightly. He was indeed affected of the fact that their In-house Teacher disregarded their great effort to perfect their duet number.

In order to release his anger, Iñaki took some time to talk with Teacher Lindy and Direk Joey about his sentiment. He talked to the two Mentors separately, but the two shared the same opinion regarding the issue. According to them, Iñaki should understand that Teacher Monet meant no harm when he said those things. They told him that the said teacher’s words should serve as a challenge to him to do better, and they are pretty sure that this was Teacher Monet’s intention too.

After being enlightened, Iñaki decided to confront the teacher concerned. There, they were able to clear things out. Laarni’s case, on the other hand, was left quite uncertain. Though Teacher Von finally let her back in class, and the Independent Woman took courage to ask for an apology, it seemed as if the dispute left a little room for tension between the two. Will this tension build up to a more destructive kind, or will it set out on its own as time goes by? Find out for yourself by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

Hansen dedicates a song to a fellow cancer warrior

July 24, 2008 6:58 PM

On Uberture, Hansen sang Kahit Isang Saglit for a fellow cancer warrior, Tina Kagahastian. The latter had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and underwent surgery in the same year. Since then, she had been living life to the fullest. As a message she wanted to leave to her loved-ones, she requested Martin Nievera’s original to be sung by the scholar whom she felt compassion for.

Meanwhile, the Acadreamians welcomed Teacher Kitchy on her return from the US. The Overall Voice Mentor instantly went to work and corrected the scholars’ mistakes during their last gala performance.

Cris and Liezel sang better when they repeated their number with the Voice Coach. Apple on the other hand had a fine performance and didn’t need much polishing with hers.

Christian Bautista and Joanna Ampil, stars of the upcoming musical West Side Story, visited the scholars last night. The two gave tips on how to shine on stage with their performance. Also, the theatre artists sang a few lines of their production. Bugoy on the other hand, put on a show for the two actors. The Farmer’s Son showcased his talent which earned applause from the pros. How will this star-studded week affect the scholars and their upcoming gala night? See more of this story and know why Iñaki was terribly upset with Teacher Monet later on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Doc Randy holds a session on self-discovery

July 24, 2008 3:18 PM

Early this afternoon, Doc Randy visited the scholars and held a session on self-discovery. In the activity, the scholars including Teacher Monet had to tangle and untangle themselves from each other. Some were authoritative and gave out instructions while the others were observant and waited for orders.

As the scholars settled, Doc Randy asked them for their thoughts on the game. Some were wondering what the activity was about and thought about the concept of unity among the scholars.

The psychologist refined their speculations and told them this activity represented a bigger picture. How they dealt with the situation was how they would react in real life.

The group was divided into leaders and followers. Iñaki and Teacher Monet seemed to be the dominant ones in the group and usually gave out orders. Laarni, Van and Bunny on the other hand were the quiet ones and obeyed the two.

Though being analytical and observant had its advantages, the Academy was about expanding. The scholars had to get out of their comfort zones and learn to explore and experiment. When the situation calls for it, they should be ready to be leaders or followers. Will the Acadreamians be able to fairly adapt to their growing environment after this session? See how this session went plus the scholars’ perception on Iñaki’s leadership later on Uberture!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Apple’s Fairy Gay Moms have come to greet her a happy birthday

July 23, 2008 8:06 PM

Apple’s seven Fairy Gay Moms had a superb production number on Uberture today. As a gift for their well-loved adopted daughter, they sang her favorite song, Dreamgirls. The Fairy Gay Moms also briefly shared their history with the talented scholar. They took her under their wing when she was three and they’ve known her for being intelligent and obedient. As for their group, they were eight originally but unfortunately Kuya Doy passed away last year. He was responsible for honing Apple’s talent in singing and they are proud that this has been her tool to receive a scholarship in the Academy.

Also on Uberture was the crash course the Acadreamians received from Apo members, Tito Jim and Tito Buboy. Each trio had the chance to perform for the former Headmaster and his colleague.

However the scholars seem to be having trouble with their numbers. Van, Sen and Bugoy seemed to be singing solos while Laarni and her group had no harmony to theirs. Iñaki and Christian, on the other hand, sang as though they weren’t a duet, making the latter feel frustrated towards his partner. Will this cause a problem between the two probees and lead to a confrontation? Catch this story plus Jim and Buboy’s tips for the scholars later on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!

Direk Joey evaluates the scholars’ homework

July 23, 2008 3:36 PM

It was time to present their 3-day homework to the Performance Master and the scholars were hyped up and giddy. The all-girl group composed of Bunny, Cris, Liezel and Laarni immediately positioned themselves and sang their rendition of Sweet Escape.

If Laarni and Liezel were confident in singing, Bunny and Cris were a bit hesitant in their movements. Direk Joey noticed that their energy were on different levels. Aside from this, some were still stuck with the minus one syndrome of one hand holding an invisible microphone. There was also no interaction among the four and only Laarni and Liezel made an effort to connect.

Apple, Miguel and Iñaki soon went on stage and sang a lively version of AwitinMo. Like the first group, they lacked interaction. Also, they were overly choreographed with all their lines having various movements.

All-guy group Van, Sen, Bugoy and Christian tried to consider the Director’s feedback and incorporate these to their number. Too technical they were that their performance didn’t say much and was too safe. Christian however, had the most noteworthy performance and he didn’t lose his character.

Direk Joey reminded them that though they would be graded individually, they would be seen as a group. Once a member misses his or her cue, then the group was bound to fail. He also advised them to be confident with their pieces and project this to their audience. Singing in a group was way difficult than an individual performance since it requires more energy and effort to jive with the others. He then told them to conserve their voices to be able to blend effectively. Will this pep talk inspire the scholars and drive them to compete and win? See their group performances plus Apple’s birthday celebration later on Uberture!

Scholars take preparation for trio seriously

July 23, 2008 1:39 AM

In order to improve their breathing technique, the Scholars have to undergo a daily exercise routine. Every morning, each Scholar is required to have a 30-minute run on the treadmill while singing his or her Gala Night song. This task was given to them by Teacher Monet Sunday night, and it took effect the morning after.

Some found the activity easy, while some just couldn’t properly apply the breathing. One Scholar that had a hard time was Van. While singing and jogging at the same time, he was obviously running out of breath.

In line with the said activity, the Scholars are required to wake up early to perform the said activity. And since the Scholars were not used to waking up really early, some of them woke up in a rather cranky mood.

In their media performance class, Direk Joey conducted group coordination exercises to help them come up with effective choreography for their upcoming Gala Performance Night. One of the activities that Direk Joey held was the mirror exercise, wherein two Scholars will stand in front of each other and portray a mirror image of the other. To relate the said activity with their lesson, he explained to the Scholars the three important elements in group singing, namely, voice blending, sensitivity with other members’ movements, and individuality. According to him, if they could keep these three pointers in mind, then they won’t be having any troubles with their performances.

And since it will definitely be a tough week ahead of them, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V, decided to drop by and give the Scholars pieces of advice and words of encouragement. Aside from speaking as a veteran in the industry that they are longing to be part of, Mr. Pure Energy also took some time to enlighten the Scholars’ spirituality.

After having a very inspirational talk with Gary V, will the Scholars finally find that urge to persevere to pursue their dreams? With only a few more days before the Gala Night, are the Scholars ready for it? Find out by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and see for yourself.

Bea gives the real score on her relationship with Miguel

July 22, 2008 7:27 PM

Ex-scholar Bea rested the speculation of many on the current status of her relationship with Miguel on today’s Uberture. She finally defined their open relationship which was a term for companionship and support but with no commitment. The two agreed to date other people and in fact had relationships in between their three-year affair. She also made it clear how they worked as a support system for each other and were not just limited to romance and commitment.

When asked on who the closest guy to her in the Academy was, Bea surprisingly answered Bugoy. However, she was still all out in her support to Miguel.

While their status was clear to Miguel, he still expressed his jealousy towards her fondness for Hansen. He and Bea didn’t share a pictorial during their sensuality lessons last week but he felt that Bea was very sweet and sensual with Hansen in their photo.

Cris, who learned of their open relationship status didn’t seem to like this set up and offered her views on it. Bugoy also had his opinions on this matter and justified Bea’s preoccupation with the other guys in the Academy. Miguel admitted though that he would court another girl in the Academy if Bea wasn’t around.

Will Miguel be pursuing a certain scholar now that Bea’s expelled from the Academy? Catch this story plus Direk Joey’s feedback on the Acadreamians performance last Saturday later on the primetime edition of PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2!