Monday, September 1, 2008

Teacher Kitchy evaluates the Top 6

September 01, 2008 3:35 PM

Now that the scholars are down to the final six, Teacher Kitchy was particular about polishing the scholars into precious gems of the industry. The Voice Mentor reminded them that they had to learn how to mingle with different kinds of people and earn their liking and trust. Apart from this, they had to adapt to various shows and productions.

Teacher Kitchy was concerned with keeping their interest in singing alive. Also, they had to remain grounded and focused on their goal. As soon as they let fame and popularity get to them, this would certainly be their downfall.

The Voice Coach then evaluated their Gala night and ASAP performances. Zhel seemed mesmerized with celebrity, Nina and lost confidence beside her. Though her performance was satisfactory, she had to improve on stage presence.

Bugoy and Laarni on the other hand failed to build rapport with their partners. Bugoy was quite detached but Gary V. assisted him during the performance. In the end, they were able to interact and produce a fine number.

While Van could still do a better job with his performance, Cris nailed hers. Miguel however, seemed to distrust the capability of his voice. Instead of taking risks and aiming for high notes, he would rather settle for a passing mark. Teacher Kitchy pointed out each flaws in hope to better their following performances. But would the scholars take heed of these advices and apply them in their upcoming Gala night? Watch out for the Top 6 in the final 2 weeks of the season and stay tuned to Uberture!

We are also inviting you to the concert for a cause this Saturday, September 6 at the PDA concert hall. Tickets are sold at Php 100.

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