Sunday, September 7, 2008

Direk Joey still laughs at the idea of Miguel as a rapper

September 07, 2008 1:15 AM

After the Scholars’ Dream Bigayan Concert for a Cause, the Dream Mentors barged in the Academy to congratulate the Scholars for a wonderful show and join them for dinner. Their teachers couldn’t be happier with their performances tonight. For them, it was the best performance they had so far.

Direk Joey still couldn’t get over Miguel’s rapping though. According to him, before he even saw the Romantic Crooner on stage, he was already laughing his heart out. And since the mentors were on a riser earlier, Miguel admitted that he saw Direk Joey laughing upon his entrance on stage, causing him to divert his attention on the other side.

After dinner, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab informed the Scholars of their activity for tonight. Given that they now only have a week before the Grand Dream Night, they had to work on it double time. According to Mr. C, the Scholars will be undergoing a “graduation walk” practice in the Dance Hall. How could this “walk” possibly go? Find out on Monday on Uberture, right after They Kiss Again!

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