Friday, September 5, 2008

Top Six meets Avril Lavigne

September 05, 2008 1:09 AM

Yesterday, the Scholars woke up for a nice surprise. After a whole day of non-stop listening to Avril Lavigne songs, the good news was relayed to them by Teacher Monet. All of them were asked to get ready and get dressed because they will be heading their way towards Araneta Coliseum to watch Avril Lavigne’s concert.

The said trip was an expository experience for the Scholars. Considering that their Grand Dream Night is fast approaching, they were given the opportunity to learn for themselves the elements of a good stage performance through critical observation.

All of them grew excited of the said exposure trip. Even inside the van, the Top Six couldn’t calm down. They still couldn’t believe that they were on their way to watch the international pop icon live on stage. Upon arrival on the destination, they were given a chance to meet the said pop star face to face and take snapshots for remembrance.

To the Top Six Scholars’ surprise, Avril Lavigne wasn’t the only celebrity who caused a commotion inside the Big Dome. Unexpectedly, they too were flooded by fans who wish to have their picture taken with them. They were indeed shocked. According to them, they haven’t expected such a big crowd of supporters.

Aside from the educational trip, the Scholar’s class with Direk Joey was intended to groom them for their finals night. For the said class, the media performance teacher highlighted to them the vitality of a performer’s individuality. According to him, they should be aware of their corresponding packages by now, so he called them out one by one to demonstrate each of it to him.

Direk Joey was impressed by Cris’ moves. Though it could still be improved, he saw that it is on its way there. He noted that she should further develop the way she invites the camera to behold as she does her thing.

On the other hand, Van failed to entertain the performance teacher. Direk Joey couldn’t help but notice that Van lacked freshness in terms of performing. He said that he had been doing the same dance steps over and over again—making his act boring as time goes by.

With Miguel, Direk Joey saw the attempt to jump out of his box as he pushes through with his rendition of Rock DJ. He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of him rapping, and he was quite uncertain with this new package that the Romantic Crooner is trying to portray. Could the lad successfully carry out this new image? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 on Primetime Bida, every weeknight after My Girl!

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