Sunday, September 7, 2008

Laarni, Bugoy and Van acquire screen names

September 06, 2008 1:53 PM

Part of packaging and branding was creating name recall. Since Van, Bugoy and Laarni had quite unfamiliar last names, Direk Joey assigned them new screen names. Van Pojas would be Van Roxas while Bugoy Bugayan would be Bugoy Drilon. Lozada was more common than Losala and would thus make the Independent Woman more memorable.

Van seemed at ease with the change since he already considered this before. Bugoy on the other hand felt that it didn’t suit his personality and was quite uncomfortable with the modification. However, this change was crucial in their careers and they would have to adjust later on.

The Performance Master was also concerned with the scholars’ plans after the season. Though Van wanted to pursue a singing career, he would take on an acting job should there be an opportunity as opposed to Cris who was ready to engage in drama. What are their other plans after the Grand Dream Night? And what are the transformations the Top 6 underwent in Direk Joey’s session? See the changes on their last Gala night and Concert for a Cause later on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

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asrie said...

laarni ang pangit mo...ang galing ni bugoy....wala kang laban sa kanya...u do'nt deserve to win.....birit lang ang kayamo...