Thursday, September 4, 2008

Direk Joey challenges the Top Six

September 03, 2008 3:13 PM

Competition is getting fiercer in the Academy and the pressure to win is slowly rising. Before it intensifies, Direk Joey reminded them to put priority on their friendship. Aside from this, they should nurture their individuality and be confident to present this to the public.

Grand Dream Night is just around the corner and all the lessons they have acquired would finally be tested. Instead of wanting to succeed and overpower their competition, the scholars should set standard for themselves in being better performers.

The Performance Master warned them of the necessary adjustments they had to make when they set out into the real world. The entertainment business is undeniably harsher than the environment they have been enclosed with for 13 weeks. The scholars should learn to experiment and offer variety to the public. Not only should they improve themselves further but also remain attuned to the preferences of the audience.

Staying in the industry for a long period was a challenge for most artists. The Final Six with their fresh and vibrant personalities had to constantly struggle in presenting dynamism. With all these pointers in mind the scholars seemed ready to take on the awaiting challenges. Stay tuned to the Top Six and catch Uberture with Billy!

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