Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teacher Maribeth expresses disappointment with the scholars

September 02, 2008 2:17 PM

Teacher Maribeth was terribly disappointed with the scholars’ opening number last Saturday. Laarni and Cris seemed out of focus while Liezel appeared to have a hard time walking in her footwear. The rest weren’t synchronized with their steps. Though they were reminded to enjoy the song and dance number, they were stiff and robotic with their movements.

The Dance Coach also noticed that it wasn’t as lively and energetic as she expected it to be. She believed that the musical wasn’t well interpreted which resulted to a quite catastrophic presentation.

In the nearing concert for a cause, Teacher Maribeth was expecting more from the Top Six. She warned them of the difficulty and encouraged them to step up. To minimize confusion and mistakes, she incorporated familiar steps from their hip-hop class with Teacher Georcelle.

The Acadreamians believed they were ready to take on this challenge and were focused all throughout dance class. Will their upcoming numbers be their best performances by far? Keep posted on the Top Six and log on to www.pdreamacademy.multiply.com and stay tuned to Uberture for more updates!

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