Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scholars impersonate their Mentors

September 09, 2008 12:02 AM

As another form of saying “thank you” to their Dream Mentors, the Top Six Scholars rewarded them plaques of appreciation last night. They awarded them based on the different ways they have touched their lives and their hearts. But to make the awarding ceremony a little more interesting, the Scholars thought that impersonating their Mentors would be fun—and based on the bursts of laughter they had last night, it seems that they got that right.

First to receive an award was no other than their in-house mentor, Teacher Monet. Laarni was the one tasked to mimic the said mentor, who they hailed on the plaque as their Giant Clown. From the way he walks to the trademarks he left to the Scholars, Laarni nailed it perfectly.
Being an admitted frustrated dancer, Mr. C was given a Happy Feet award. The Scholars just couldn’t forget the Headmaster’s interesting dance move which his impersonator, Miguel, showed while doing Mr. C’s favorite stance.
Liezel, on the other hand, did a fine job impersonating Teacher Kitchy. Aside from the mentor’s famous padded-shoulder get-up, Liezel almost made a replica of an actual scene during one of Teacher Kitchy’s class. Being famously known for her constant reminder regarding the Scholars’ breath flow, they had given her the Breath Flow award.

Though all presentations were found fascinating, it seems that Van’s spoof of Direk Joey made all of them fall off their seats. Among all, it seems that Van had the most heartfelt performance. He was really into the character that even his audience couldn’t deny that the lad is imitating their Media Performance Mentor—from the quotable statements to the unforgettable moves. Before actually receiving his More than Words award, Direk Joey still couldn’t help but laugh his heart out after seeing what his impersonator had to offer.

In less than a week time will be the actual good-bye, and the list of top three winners will be revealed. Who among Bugoy, Cris, Laarni, Liezel, Miguel, and Van do you think deserves to bag the Grand Star Dreamer title? Cast your votes now by texting PDA (name of scholar) to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers. And don’t forget to watch the Grand Dream Night on September 13 and the Awards Night on September 14.

For more updates on the latest happenings inside the Academy, stay tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 during Primetime Bida, weeknights after Iisa pa Lamang!

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