Monday, June 16, 2008

Discovering the X-Factor with Direk Joey

June 16, 2008 5:16 PM
The scholars were at a loss for words as soon as Direk Joey stepped into the house and frankly told them the truths of show business. He pointed out that stars rise and fade quickly. It was his duty then to bring out the personality of the dreamers and challenge them to sustain the interest of their future fans.

The renowned director stressed the importance of self-confidence and the ability to create a personality. He would train them as much as he could but it was up to the scholars to absorb every lecture and experience PDA would provide them.

Direk Joey’s primary objective was for the dreamers to know themselves and let this attitude shine in their performances. Being a good singer wasn’t enough; the audience should also see the music through their attitude on stage. Mimicking the styles of their idols was highly discouraged and they should find and develop their own.

To bring out the personality of the scholars, Direk Joey conducted an activity to open themselves up and be as honest as possible. Each had to pick a card and complete trivial sentences such as “Ang nararamdaman ko ngayon…” and “Ang ayaw ko sa sarili ko…” among others.

Ross revealed that he felt proud of himself and his fellow housemates while Apple admitted that the Dream Night was the happiest moment in her life. Christian and Chivas picked a tearjerker, “Ang ayaw ko sa aking sarili…” and both couldn’t help but choke on their words. The Small Boy Wonder despised wanting to please everyone while Chivas couldn’t express anger even if he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Laarni was angry with how people judge her without getting to know her. Bunny on the other hand confessed that she hates people who disrespect her. In the end, Direk Joey applauded them for being brave in opening themselves to the rest. He also reminded them that as long as they believed they were right, they should not yield to others. For more of this event tune in to the PDA Multiply Site and catch Uberture with RNB sensation, Billy Crawford!

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