Friday, June 20, 2008

Love stories inside the Academy

June 20, 2008 1:53 AM

Bea turned bitter towards her co-Scholar boyfriend, Miguel. She had accused him of flirting around with Apple. Inside one of their classes, Bea couldn’t help but notice the certain closeness between the two. Ironically, Miguel’s ex-girlfriend was also named Apple, thus, making Bea more furious. With too much emotion going through her head, Bea chose to stay inside their room during the break, alone.

Sadly, this tension between the two sweethearts manifested on their moods. Teacher Monet immediately noticed this on Bea, who was unlikely quiet during one of the activities. Basically, it was just a petty quarrel between two lovers. After some time, both had a chance to kiss and make up.

Unfortunately, Miguel wasn’t the only person that Bea had to deal with, there’s still an issue between her, Iñaki, and a Sinigang recipe. Iñaki was tasked to cook One Voice’s dinner that night. Sadly, Iñaki’s cooking didn’t suit Bea’s taste -- and she wasn’t discreet about it. Iñaki obviously got offended, but after some time, he had calmed down and let the incident pass.

On the other hand, another couple inside the Academy had all the reasons to celebrate since it's their 5th wedding anniversary. Being aware of the special day, Teacher Monet gave Chivas a very interesting offer. In exchange of a victory in the game they were about to play, he would give the couple a private time to celebrate the most special day in their lives. But, if the Pupilars lose in the said activity, Chivas would be declined of his right to celebrate the special day with his wife.

Sadly, Pupilars lost, and Chivas was devastated. Luckily, it was just a prank that Teacher Monet played on them, because despite the team’s loss, the private time for the husband and wife was still granted -- a candlelit dinner and a surprise song number from their teammates (since Bunny already transferred to team Pupilars) -- to lighten up the evening .

Aside from the surprise dinner, another surprise awaits the husband and wife. What could it possibly be? Stay tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and be a part of the exciting world of dramas behind dreams.

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