Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jet and Sheng are on probation

June 29, 2008 11:24 PM

Unfortunately for the two organizations inside the Academy, they would have to go through the rest of the week only with basic necessities. With 6.03 and 6.18 GPAs for One Voice and Pupilars respectively, both teams failed to hit the 7.5 passing GPA that should have earned them their allowances for this week. Their low grades only reflected how disappointed the jurors were on their performances yesterday.

The Bottom Four for this week were Sheng, Cris, Jet, and Bea. Sheng wasn’t able to please the jurors. Isay Alvarez admitted that Sheng’s choice of song greatly affected their decision. She also said that Sheng somehow had problems with the song’s high notes. Cris’ problem, on the other hand, was the arrangement of her song. As Louie Ocampo said, it was somehow inappropriate for the song considering some factors, like its message. For Jet, sadly, he had quite a lot of noticeable flats that ruined his over-all performance. As for Bea, her talent was obviously raw, and unfortunately, the jurors took that against her. She was somehow problematic with intonation and projection on the stage.

Among the four, Jet and Sheng were the two left under probation. The Dream Mentors chose to save Bea because they saw a great potential in her that they would like to enhance. Cris, on the other hand, was given a second chance through the help of her co- Scholars through the revised voting system.

Most of the Scholars decided that Jet has to go after his votes outnumbered the other Probationary Scholar Sheng’s with 10-2. Do you agree with them or do you think he deserves another chance?

Vote now to show your support. text PDA(space)(name of Scholar) and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart, Talk 'n Text and Addict Mobile subscribers. Voting will be open until the next Gala Night, wherein the results will also be announced afterwards.
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