Monday, June 16, 2008

One Voice almost cracked out of tune

June 17, 2008 1:55 AM

That morning, team One Voice was too busy having fun. All of them were in good mood. They all did their chores with smile on their faces, and they actively exchanged funny jokes. They were even energetic and jolly during their Drum ‘a’ Drop activity, so the sudden switch of mood actually came as a great surprise.

Teacher Monet asked the scholars to sleep early, since the next day will definitely be a long one. Instead of sleeping early, most of them were wide awake, talking to other Scholars and joking around. Everything was going well, when all of the sudden the good ambience was replaced by an eerie feeling of conflict.

In the middle of the night, team One Voice gathered up on the living area. Things didn’t seem to be going well inside their organization. Sadly, there were reports of misunderstandings and conflict of interests that were not really clear to all of them, up until it was brought up during their spontaneous forum.

Teacher Monet joined them in their late night discussion. He sat in front of them as one by one they relayed all their concerns regarding the team and some of its members. Most of them had something to say, and most of it were minor observations – minor observations turned to criticisms. Some of the names that were highlighted in their discussion were Ross, Laarni, and Jet’s.

Fingers were pointed from one person to another. Some of them came face to face with their shortcomings as their teammates threw each of it one at a time towards their direction. Some admitted their mistakes while others denied.

What could be the reason behind the misunderstanding? What happened next after they all blurted out each of their concerns? Will One Voice still be able to sing in perfect chorus and harmony after this incident? Find out by standing by for more updates on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

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