Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The scholars sing with attitude

June 25, 2008 5:21 PM

Media Performance class with Direk Joey challenged the scholars to show their personality in singing. Each had the option of singing “Harana” or “If I Could Reach You” without mimicking the original artists.

Direk Joey started off the session by warning them against being copycats. Imitating their idols is not the only way to make themselves known in the industry. The audience most definitely doesn’t want a cover version of their rockstars.

To start of the challenge, Christian volunteered first to sing “Harana”. Bea noticed that it was the first time the Small Boy Wonder sang with a lower pitch. Direk Joey saw his potential on being cute and pushed him to sell that image.

Sheng required a mature audience as her number oozed with sexiness that Direk Joey felt it was too over the top. Iñaki was the opposite as his presentation was light, funny and amusing. However, he has yet to play it cool and to not try too hard.

Apple’s performance was sugar sweet and it seemed like she was scared of losing the child-like image. It was though as if she didn’t want to grow up in fear of people disliking her. Direk Joey hoped that in her next performance, she would project a womanly image and not a little girl.

On the other hand, Sen, Van and Ross disappointed the performance coach. Sen didn’t know the lyrics of the song and Van’s presentation was devoid of emotion that he was just asked to take his seat. Ross’ problem according to the director was that he was vain is very conscious of his looks.

Laarni was a revelation this afternoon though. The Independent Woman broke away from the fluidity of choir music and just let it all loose. Though the approach wasn’t the best for her voice quality, Direk Joey was impressed with her courage on trying something new.

If Cris had too many movements in her performance, Bea was too restricted and too reserved. Liezel on the other hand had that natural timbre to her voice which required less effort in conveying emotion. Bugoy was also the most sincere as he gave his signature RnB touch to the OPM song. The Farmer’s Son was advised however to be confident in singing.

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