Monday, August 4, 2008

Van receives a punishment

August 05, 2008 1:32 AM

For the second time around, Van forgets to wear his lapel microphone. And since it’s against the Academy rules and regulations, the reliable monitor they refer to as “Bravia” called his attention while he was busy washing the dishes. He was instructed to proceed to the counseling room, and upon hearing the order, he already had an idea what was waiting for him—a punishment.

During his first offense, his handy lapel was replaced by a rather bulky wireless microphone. As a form of consequence, he was asked to hold on the said mic the whole day. Thanks to Cris’ smart invention, which was an improvised necklace, the task became easier than expected. And since it seemed as if the lad failed to learn from the previous punishment, the Academy came up with a more enlightening consequence for his second offense.

Upon his return inside, he had at hand a white board and a marker. With the use of the materials given to him, he was required to write “I will not forget my lapel mic again” several times until he fills the board and learn his lesson.

And while Van was busy doing his punishment, some of the Scholars gathered by the dining table to exchange different stories. Cris claimed that she badly misses home, most especially her family. And since the topic family was brought up, Iñaki couldn’t help but break in the conversation by saying how much he was longing to hear his mother’s nagging again. The Scholars’ fun family discussion went on as all of them gathered there shared a slice of their family life story.

Unfortunately, Van wasn’t able to join his friends with the story telling because he was preoccupied with his task that somehow reminded him of grade school. After straining his hand from writing, will Van finally learn his lesson this time? Find out by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, weeknights after My Girl!

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