Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sen and Bunny tandem experience difficulties

August 16, 2008 12:19 AM

Unfortunately for the probationary pair, Sen and Bunny, the latter’s throat seems to lack cooperation. Yesterday, during their supposed practice with Teacher Monet, Bunny’s throat problem took its toll. No matter how hard she tried to push through with the practice, she just couldn’t since she had no voice to start with. Feeling frustrated, the Teacher Wife broke down in tears. She was feeling sorry for herself, and her partner who has to suffer with her as well. Teacher Monet tried to calm her down by saying that all she needed was enough rest to regain her voice. He insisted that they skip on the rehearsal that day in order to avoid pushing her throat to its limit. This made her feel more miserable, since she claimed that they do need that day’s practice.

Upon their return inside the Academy, Bunny’s burst of emotions continued. She assumed a position near the bathroom to hide her sobbing from her co-Scholars. Cris noticed Bunny so she immediately approached her with consolation. Just like what Teacher Monet did, she also tried to calm her down.

Sen, on the other hand, was growing really concerned with Bunny’s worsening voice. He said that he fully understands what his partner was going through, but it couldn’t help but worry him of their counterpoint duo. He claimed that her failure could also result to his failure, and he doesn’t want that. Considering that they are probationary Scholars this week, he said that it is their duty to prove themselves unworthy of being expelled from the Academy.

Cris and Liezel shared their own opinions regarding Bunny’s setback. They said that they have seen how hard the Teacher Wife pushed herself to do her best, and it is already time for her to give it a rest. According to them, Bunny’s struggles, both with her voice and with her extreme homesickness, are growing worse as days pass by, so they might as well see her outside the Academy, together with her family. Will the viewing public agree with Cris and Liezel’s opinion? Find out tomorrow on PinoyDreamAcademySeason 2’s 9th Gala Night, after Varga!

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