Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poy and Laarni talk about Bugoy

August 20, 2008 3:38 PM

While in the garden, Poy and Laarni had a little chat regarding their stay inside the Academy. They talked about certain issues inside the school and how the outside world probably perceives all of it. Considering that the Scholars have been halfway through the season when Poy entered the Academy, she’s already aware of how people view the Acadreamians. Laarni tried to fish out some information from Poy, but the Honorary Scholar chose to keep her mouth shut.

Aside from that, the two were also able to share their thoughts regarding some of their co-Scholars, specially Bugoy. Poy admitted to Laarni that she finds Bugoy a little insensitive. One example she cited happened during their class with Mr. C yesterday. While watching the reruns, she said that she clearly heard how Bugoy commented on her body size. She admitted that she somehow felt humiliated considering the lad said it in front of everyone, including Mr. C.

Laarni too had sentiments towards the Farmer’s Son. She admitted that she was quite uncomfortable with Bugoy when they teamed up for the counterpoint challenge. She said that Bugoy once told her that she intentionally makes her voice louder so that she could outshine him.

The two assumed that Bugoy’s personality could be credited to his youth. They said that he is too young and too disturbed with a lot of thoughts that he dare not share it with anybody else. He tries to act jolly and all but deep inside he really has insecurities about himself. Could the two possibly be right? Catch this story and more tomorrow on Uberture with Billy, right after They Kissed Again!

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