Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Van and Sen mentor the Little Dreamers

August 26, 2008 1:46 PM

Last weekend, Van and Sen were tasked to conduct dance lessons for the Little Dreamers. Inspired by Teacher Georcelle’s moves, the two lads went on dancing like pros. To start with, they initiated the warm up exercises. The two stood in front of the Little Dreamers so that they could easily imitate their moves. After the warm up exercises, they proceeded with the ramp posing activity. They administered the kids to fall in line and walk across the room and strike their best poses.

After walking their runway, the Little Dreamers were divided into two groups. One team was headed by Sen, while the other was held by Van. Sen’s group consisted of Angelo, Risie, Aubrey, and Amy. And since there were only seven of them, Van only had three members in his group, namely Philip, Kelly and Christina. As team leaders, Van and Sen were in charge of teaching the kids new dance routines, which they later on performed in front of all their Ate and Kuya who served as their jurors. Though they lack in numbers, Van’s team still won the competition with a total score of 45.

The best buds seemed to have worked well in mentoring the Little Dreamers in dance class, but it didn’t end the opposition raised by their probationary status. While they were hanging out at the garden, Sen joked Van regarding leaving the Academy. In a mocking tone, he told the Heartthrob to voluntarily exit instead of waiting until Saturday. Van didn’t mind the joke, but it was evident on his face that he wasn’t comfortable with the topic.

Back inside, Van couldn’t help but ask for reassurances from his co-Scholars. While playing around, Van tried to fish support from Bugoy and Cris. He asked them who they would prefer to stay inside the Academy. Since the two Scholars are close to both lads, they chose to keep their opinions to themselves in order to avoid unwanted issues. How could the Scholars, most especially those who grew closer to both probees, handle the Van and Sen’s situation? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition, weeknights right after My Girl!

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