Friday, August 29, 2008

Teacher Monet flares up

August 29, 2008 1:05 AM

The Scholars received an assignment from Teacher Monet the other day. He asked all the girls to work on the song Respect by Anita Franklin, while the boys had to learn Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman to Me. During their supposed practice yesterday, the said mentor got furious upon knowing that some of the Scholars didn’t do their homework.

Unfortunately for Laarni, she was special mentioned under the delinquent students’ category, since among all the Scholars who failed to do their assignment she was the first one who caught Teacher Monet’s attention. Aside from her unfamiliarity with the song’s lyrics, it was also evident in the practice that she didn’t study the song at all because she was improvising her own rendition. She wasn’t gelling at all with the two lasses, Cris and Liezel, who came in class ready for recitation.

As the practice went on, Teacher Monet grew more disappointed. During the boys’ turn to show what they got, the mentor realized that they were actually no different from Laarni. He was indeed enraged by some of these Scholars stubbornness. Being the Academy’s Top Seven, he assumed that he could expect more from them.

Aside from plain stubbornness, Teacher Monet also played with the thought that the Scholars are probably growing too comfortable with him. He admitted that he was angered by the idea that they are not exerting as much effort to his class like they do in their other classes—causing him to walk out on them.

Aside from Teacher Monet’s fury, another issue that bothered the Scholars was the mystery text message they found posted on the bulletin board after their class. To whom could this angry text message be addressed? Find out tomorrow on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Primetime edition, right after My Girl!

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