Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outside world welcomes expelled Scholar Bunny

August 17, 2008 12:13 AM

For the past few weeks, Bunny was pretty much preoccupied with thoughts about her throat problem and her extreme homesickness.For the longest time, she had been looking forward for her expulsion so that she could see her family once again. Tonight, her wish came true after the public laid down their verdict after the Scholars presented their fantastic counterpoint performances.

The Teacher Wife couldn’t help but burst into tears upon hearing the results. According to her, the said tears were tears of joy, because finally she will be with her family outside the Academy. She was able to garner 39.65 percent of the total text votes, while Sen took with him a total of 60.35 percent.

After being given another chance inside the Academy, Sen faced the odds again as he stood in front of his co-Scholars as part of this week’s Bottom Four. Joining him in the pit of frustration were Iñaki, Cris, and Miguel. Fortunately for the Cancer Survivor, luck was on his side two times tonight because the Dream Mentors decided to hand him another shot inside the Academy as they saved him from this week’s probation night.

On the other hand, Laarni still couldn’t believe that she was declared this week’s Star Scholar. Her counterpoint performance with Bugoy, the Farmer’s Son who also made a spot on the Top Three, earned her a grade of 8.97. The jurors, composed of Louie Ocampo, Lani Misalucha, and Gerard Ocampo, were indeed impressed with her performance tonight. They just couldn’t deny the fact that she is indeed gifted with a wonderful voice.

Honorary Scholar Poy made it to the Top Three again. Her counterpoint with Van may not be as good as the jurors may have expected, but it didn’t fail to highlight her great voice quality, which also gained acknowledgements from the panel of judges. Aside from their counterpoint, her duet with Liezel too received a lot of commendations. The crowd loved their rendition of Got to be Real.

Tomorrow night, it will be the Little Dreamers’ time to shine. Who among the kids will be taking the Most Outstanding Little Dreamer title this week? Who among them has to leave? Find out by watching PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 Little Dreamers’ 6th Gala Night, tomorrow right after Goin’ Bulitlit!

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