Friday, August 22, 2008

Scholars go night swimming

August 22, 2008 12:41 PM

Tonight, with nothing much to do, the Scholars decided to take a dip in the pool with their in-house teacher, Sir Monet.

Pool time was indeed a fun time for all of them. Aside from swimming per se, they found more ways than one to enjoy themselves in the water. Teacher Monet, Iñaki, Bugoy and Laarni even had a breath-holding competition, where Poy served as their referee.

In terms of diving in the pool, the Acadremians also tried to enhance their creativity. One by one, they thought of different ways to jump in the pool. The person who makes the biggest splash gets awarded the title of Best Diver.

After their individual contests, they decided to move on to a group competition. The Scholars decided to make their own version of the Filipino kid’s game known as Agawan Base. Since they are in the pool, they modified it to become a ‘submerged’ version.

For the sake of plain fun itself, they also decided to make a three-storey human tower, in contrast to those usual two-storey ones. Their base was Iñaki while the top layer was Laarni. Sandwiched in between them was poor Bugoy.

After their fun-filled swimming break, the Scholars went back to work. Teacher Monet gathered all the Scholars in the living room to make an important announcement. According to the in-house mentor, all the Scholars are required to think of two dream songs—songs that are considered either inspirational or victorious. One song has to be fast paced, while the other has to be slow, and they had to submit it in a few hours. What are these songs for? Catch the full story tomorrow from Billy on Uberture, right after They Kissed Again!

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