Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scholars experience the first showbiz blow

August 06, 2008 3:57 AM

The Headmaster’s List of Ten had their first taste of showbiz’ cruelty as all of them came face to face with intrigues that outside world people may have bestowed upon them. As part of their Midterms Week, the Dream Mentors showed them the headlines of the said hearsays and asked the Scholars’ opinions about it.

First to sit on the hot seat was Apple. Some issues thrown at her were her childishness and unpleasant acts inside the Academy, including her romantic moves toward Miguel. After defending herself from the first two issues, she immediately dismissed the latter idea, saying that she has no intentions to woo the Romantic Crooner in any way, considering that he is her best friend Bea’s boyfriend.

Next on the spot was Bugoy. And when the question on Bugoy’s sexuality was brought to his attention, he immediately admitted that he was still undergoing an identity crisis. He even added that he already predicted that this issue will arise, since he was somehow conscious with his actions. He said that he was fighting the urge of becoming an “in-between,” but as the Mentors advised him—learn to accept whatever comes out of his journey toward self discovery.

During Bunny’s turn, she somehow approved of the public’s claim that she lacks self-confidence. But despite her submission, she claimed that she was doing her best to fight her weakness. With the help of her Mentors’ guidance, she said with great hope that she’s starting to overcome this flaw.

Misunderstanding was Cris’ argument on the intrigue thrown back at her regarding the Academy boys. According to her, she isn’t actually a “playgirl,” just like most people might have thought of her. She claimed that it just so happen that she enjoys men’s company since she was younger, so she has this certain closeness with them. With the “Van and Sen” issue, on the other hand, she denies that she is playing around with them.

The issue on Iñaki was his attitude toward other people, most specifically to “gay” men. He was indeed surprised to hear of this issue since he claimed that he is in fact good friends with some homosexuals, so he had no idea why he was being labeled as a “gay-hater.”

And since Laarni was quite well-known for her sudden emotional outbursts, this was the issue entailed after her. Some said that her crying sessions were just acts to gain sympathy from other people. In contrast, she claimed that her outbursts were not for show, as some people may have seen it. It just so happened that she is indeed an emotional being who has very active tear ducts.

Liezel’s single status was the issue she had to face. Since a lot find her beautiful, people were quite wondering why she never had a boyfriend since birth. She said that her up bringing probably have something to with it. She also admitted that she has a fear of getting into a real relationship with the opposite sex because they might not take him seriously.

As for Sen, the issue raised was his relationship with the same sex, specifically with his best bud Van. It seemed that the public was somehow putting into question the tight relationship that the two guys have. Without any hesitation, he denied the allegation, saying that they two of them are nothing more than really good friends. And if they don’t seem to agree with what he says, then it’s up to them. He claimed that their opinions wouldn’t hurt him anyway.

On the other hand, Van’s intrigue had something to do with his disobedience to his mom. Since he admitted that he wasn’t able to ask permission from his mother before he entered the Academy, different angles were seen about him being a bad son. He admitted that he has a lot of explanation to give to his mom and he does owe him an apology. But despite all that, he said that he is certain that his mother is indeed proud of him at this very moment.

If others were making noises with their issues, the issue on Miguel was actually the lack of it. Sadly, his extreme quietness makes him barely recognizable inside the Academy. Surprisingly, he admitted that it wasn’t actually the real him. What he was trying to do was his way of conforming based on the public’s standard—something that his mentors didn’t approve of. They wanted him to be himself, despite what other people might think of him.

After the said activity, the Scholars couldn’t help but talk about what they have just learned. Some felt bad while some just felt nonchalant about rumors that were probably spreading beyond their knowledge. How could these revelations possibly affect their over-all performance inside the Academy? Will this event change relationships inside? Find out by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2, weeknights after My Girl!

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