Friday, August 8, 2008

Cris lingers on the pressure

August 09, 2008 12:48 AM

It seemed as if Cris still has the hang of the Headmaster’s announcement last night. While some of her co- Scholars were busy practicing their corresponding pieces for tomorrow night and some were too preoccupied keeping themselves away from mere boredom, the Singing Interior Designer plainly found comfort by herself and her own thoughts.

Somehow, she was lost in deep thoughts as she lay awake on her bed. After a few minutes of staring blankly at their room’s wall, she blandly stood up and went straight to the garden. It seemed that she was indeed troubled, because aside from the distressed look on her face, a few more minutes in deep thoughts caused tears to continuously flow down her cheeks.

Upon seeing the Singing Interior Designer out of focus, Apple and Bunny immediately came to the lass’ comfort. Being part of the Bottom Three herself, Bunny was able to immediately sympathize with the lonely soul. She encouraged Cris to cry it all out, because she totally understands what she’s going through that moment. She said that releasing the tears will indeed help lessen the burden she has inside. After the lass finished crying, they then cheered her up before they proceeded to their yoga class.

With the 8th Gala Night being just a sleep away from tonight, it will indeed be a long night for Cris, Bunny and Iñaki. Without any idea who among them is threatened by the possibility of instant probation, all of them are pressured to put on a “top three worthy” show on stage tomorrow. Will they be able to surpass their Dream Mentors’ expectations? Who among them could have gotten the lowest midterm grade? Find out tomorrow on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2’s8th Gala Performance Night, right after Varga!

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