Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr. C calls Cris and Iñaki’s counterpoint the worst

August 19, 2008 1:59 AM

In the Scholars’ class with the Headmaster tonight, they had another series of sermons regarding their performances last Gala Night. While watching the reruns, Mr. C kept on pointing out problematic parts in their acts that might have caught the attention of the jurors last Saturday. He was growing quite frustrated that after all 8 Gala Nights they had within the past 2 months, they still keep on repeating their mistakes as if they were not taking their lessons seriously.

Out of all the counterpoint pairs, the team that bothered him the most was Cris and Iñaki’s duo. According to him, theirs was the worst performance that night, both on the individual and counterpoint categories. As a pair, the Headmaster claimed that they lacked the “gel factor.” Their individual performances were terrible as well.

Aside from criticizing their presentations last Saturday, Mr. C also left bits of advice for their upcoming Gala Night. Since they will be singing a duet with celebs on their 10th Gala Performance Night, they were all encouraged to deliver the best. He added that the singers the Scholars will be singing with are some of the biggest names in the industry, and if they will be able to pull this one off, they will surely earn their respect. Who among the Scholars will succeed the nerve-wrecking challenge of singing with the stars? Catch this story and more tomorrow on Uberture, right after They Kissed Again.

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