Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Acadreamians organize a mini-concert

August 12, 2008 2:11 PM

After rehearsing the Maestro’s compositions plus their Gala songs, the scholars have finally mastered their pieces and are more than ready to perform these on stage. The Acadreamians would be holding a mini-concert in the Academy and everyone is psyched with the upcoming event.

Iñaki seemed to take responsibility over the preparation and encouraged everyone to pitch in their ideas. He planned the set and Cris assisted him in visualizing where to position their props.

Meanwhile, the others were busy with their rehearsals with Teacher Kitchy. The Voice Mentor noticed that Bunny was more relaxed in her Gala performances due to dancing. Also as a half-meant joke, she was suggested to dance even during vocalization.

Poy and Van practiced their counterpoint pieces for the first time with the mentors. The former would be interpreting “Forever’s Not Enough” while the latter would sing “Maybe”. Cris and Iñaki had their turn and the mentors decided to make arrangements with their number in order to synch their pitch better. Who among the pairs would produce a show-stopping performance? Catch a glimpse of their rehearsals for the counterpoint challenge later on Uberture!

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