Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Acadreamians take their second midterm exam

August 05, 2008 2:06 PM

On the day of their singing exam, the scholars were quite anxious on the outcome of their performance. Miguel practiced over breakfast while some skipped meal to run through their piece.

Soon they were called into the recording room to vocalize with Teacher Kitchy. The Voice Mentor exempted Poy from the midterm exam but she still joined the troop in rehearsing. After which, they were asked to leave the room to be called again in alphabetical order.

If Apple was able to perform without difficulty, Bugoy failed to deliver. The Farmer’s Son wasn’t able to memorize the lyrics and groped for words as he sang the piece. He revealed to his co-scholars later on that he wasn’t satisfied with his performance.

Bunny could barely sing in her midterm exam since her cyst problem kept getting in the way. She felt that among the scholars, she would be receiving the lowest mark. Laarni wasn’t confident with her performance as well since she missed some notes. Her biggest competitor Liezel was aware that during her exam, she lost breath several times. Will the scholars' evaluation of themselves match their mentor’s assessment? Find out the Acadreamians’ midterm grades on Uberture!

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