Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Situational Singing with Direk Joey

July 16, 2008 4:04 PM

In the Performance Class with Direk Joey, the scholars had to sing a song twice and use two different approaches. The Performance Mentor provided them with different situations in which they had to recall and internalize an experience to be able to sing with sensuality.

Direk Joey reminded them that as a performer, it was crucial to relate to the song, make it theirs and share it to the audience.

In order to stimulate their senses, the director pitched various situations to the scholars. Van had to sing to his girlfriend as she slept while Iñaki had to sing to a girl who broke up with him. The Cebuano Heartthrob couldn’t seem to grasp the emotion at first but when he sang to his mother on the second try, everyone felt the pain in his voice.

With Iñaki’s performance, Miguel observed that he was currently wallowing in the situation that he still couldn’t use this to draw emotion from.

Bunny sang a tribute to Chivas and their son Jether in the two versions of the song. Though she wasn’t focused in her first performance, she was able to internalize on the second which produced a moving number.

While Miguel couldn’t bring in the sensual factor to his performance, Christian was able to seduce the camera with his. The Small Boy Wonder conveyed sincerity as he sang to the person he wanted to devote his love and passion to.

In the end, Direk Joey advised them to know their song and relate to it as much as they can. Otherwise, the audience would know if they were just pretending in front of the camera. Also, he told them that emotions succeed voice quality. What counts is their ability to affect people. Will the scholars take these lessons to heart and apply these to their next Gala performance? Stay tuned to the freshest updates on the Acadreamians later on Uberture!

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