Monday, July 14, 2008

The Acadreamians learn vocal improvisation

July 14, 2008 2:16 PM

The scholars’ musicality and creativity were tested in today’s session with Mr. C. The singing bunch had to use a syllable and sing their own rendition of the Headmaster’s composition, “Kailan”.

The ladies of the group were a bit hesitant and shy at first. However they loosened up later on but were still pretty much reserved.

Bugoy on the other hand was all out with improvising with the melody. He gestured naturally which showed how much emotion he put into it. Mr. C was plainly impressed with how Bugoy committed to the activity and raised the bar for his fellow scholars.

The Headmaster pointed out that performances should always be about giving to the audience. Bugoy particularly wasn’t just singing for himself but he was also concerned with reaching out to the listeners.

Also in the morning class is Maestro Ryan’s feedback on the duets. Sen seemed to be trying too hard which disabled him from hitting the right notes. Though the energy was high, he was unable to control and channel these appropriately. According to Mr. C, “Unbridled energy is unbridled performance”.

Van and Apple looked uncomfortable with each other during their duet. They tried to act in love however it appeared to be unnatural. Mr. C understood that going on stage could cause jitters and the two were probably nervous with doing a duet for the first time.

The Headmaster also announced the cumulative GPA of the Acadreamians. Again failing to reach the 7.0 mark, the scholars’ budget would be cut down to 50%. How will the scholars manage their food budget? Catch the latest updates and see how Miguel and Bea are dealing with their issues against each other later on Uberture!

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