Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bea and Miguel are back on track

July 16, 2008 12:57 AM

The results of the Fourth Probation Night brought Bea and Miguel’s relationship up to a tough test. An air of silence suddenly assumed its position in between after the announcement of their probation.

Miguel admitted that the last two days inside the Academy were really awkward for him, considering that they live under one roof in non-speaking terms. Upon the absence of each other’s company, the two settled for the company of their other co-Scholars. Bea found comfort in the company of Sen and Van, while Miguel spent most of his time with Cris and Liezel.

The war could have gone for another day or two, if not for Bea’s sudden breakdown during a sensuality enriching activity held last night. While in the middle of her sexy act, she unexpectedly fell into tears. She just couldn’t focus on Teacher Monet’s instruction to look at Miguel and grasp inspiration from him because she was pretty much aware that they were not in good terms then. She also added that she didn’t want to look like she was begging for his attention. Upon seeing Bea and hearing what she had to say, Miguel just had to hide his face behind his knees to prevent his tears from falling down his eyes.

After the said activity, Miguel decided to consult his co-Scholars regarding his problem with Bea. All of them suggested that the two of them should finally talk and settle things out. And since the two were quite aloof of each other, they pushed Miguel to let down his pride and do the first move.

Miguel did exactly what he was told. He even had Liezel as an accomplice to finally set him up with Bea for a private talk.

The love birds are finally in good terms, but unfortunately, the fact that one from them will have to say goodbye to the Academy on Saturday remains. Who among the two will that be? Watch Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and stay posted on the latest updates inside the Academy, where the dream BIG-ins!

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