Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Voice trades Apple for Liezel

July 09, 2008 9:58 AM

For this week’s first inter-org activity held yesterday entitled Reverse Name That Tune Game, One Voice org won over Pupilars with the final score 10-6. With this win, they will not only be getting their hands on a point advantage over Pupilars but also on a surprise that could possibly change their team’s destiny.

As Teacher Monet said before the start of the game, the winning team on the said activity has a wonderful reward waiting for them. Unluckily for Pupilars org, One Voice’s reward turned out to be their worst consequence. As a prize, One Voice team had the advantage to choose one member of team Pupilars in exchange for one of their members. Since the team’s concern was uplifting their GPA, the team then decided to take Liezel in exchange of Apple. Since Liezel was a consistent Star Scholar, they assumed that her high grades could somehow pull theirs up.

It was indeed a sad moment for team Pupilars, and Liezel couldn’t help but feel saddened by the situation. According to her, she really didn’t want the transfer because most of her friends are in Pupilars org. Aside from that, since One Voice was very well known for having a lot of internal problems, she was somehow growing concerned with her situation as its new member.

On the other hand, Apple was having troubles of her own with her new group. Though Pupilars are very much known for its bonded members, Apple somehow felt that she was not welcome in the group, thus making her want to go back to her old group. But at the same time Apple felt sad because her team seemed to have given her up without a fight unlike the Pupilars concern for Liezel.

For three consecutive Gala Nights, One Voice team failed to meet the passing GPA, costing them the privilege of having a weekly allowance. Now that they have Liezel on their side, will they finally get a hand on their very first allowance? Check it out for yourself by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

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