Monday, July 21, 2008

The Acadreamians receive theatre training

July 21, 2008 3:49 PM

For their trio performances this coming Saturday, Direk Joey stressed the need for coordination and unity. To heighten their sensitivity in an ensemble, he provided them with theatre training.

The Performance Master also emphasized musical blending and individuality in their group. To jumpstart the training, the scholars had to do mirror exercises. He broke the bunch into pairs and the two had to mimic the movements of their partner.

He demonstrated the activity with Iñaki who was able to catch up quickly. But when Miguel joined the duo, there was a bit of hesitation as he tried to reflect the actions of his co-scholar. Bunny and Apple were paired together and the latter confidently led the two.

To make it more challenging, four scholars lined up in a row and they had to sense the movements of their leader. Christian, Van, Zhel and Apple were the first group to try out the new activity. As each had their turn to lead the troop, the others were very conscious of the shifting in actions.

The Acadreamians rhythm was tested and they had to do a beat while imitating various actions by Direk Joey. After which, they ran through their pieces for this coming Gala night. Some had difficulty jiving with their teammates while the others easily blended with theirs. Will this activity be the defining factor if the scholars are better off in a trio or as soloists? Catch the freshest updates on the dreamers later on Uberture!

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