Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miguel gets emotional

July 20, 2008 1:10 PM

Minutes before the Fifth Gala Performance Night, Miguel looked really bothered, probably brought about by their fast approaching judgment day. He was often times caught lost in thoughts. Even with his performance tonight, it was somehow evident that he was out of focus, which even his teachers immediately noticed.

Tonight is probably an extremely overwhelming night for Miguel. After a week-long anticipation, his probation was finally lifted due to the public’s decision. Since his probationary status was brought up to his attention, he had hoped for nothing more but a second chance.

Now, he is enjoying that chance awarded to him by the viewing public. He is now back inside the Academy, with his co-Scholars and friends, to pursue his dreams and prove himself once more. Sadly, in exchange of this privilege, Bea has to be the one to move out.

After Bea’s expulsion, the Romantic Crooner’s face was obviously long. When he had the chance to finally be alone, he started to let his true emotions flow down his cheeks. Some Scholars noticed him sobbing by the bathroom. Upon noticing, his close friends approached him. Still, he preferred to be alone.

Without Miguel's knowledge, Teacher Monet had something that would make him feel better. To the Romantic Crooner’s surprise, his newly expelled sweetheart, Bea, was given a short time to come and say goodbye to her friends inside the Academy, including him.

Upon seeing each other, the two hugged tightly. Miguel’s quiet sobs increased in volume as he bid his love goodbye. The two didn’t have the chance to do so back on stage, and this was probably one of the things that were bothering him.

Now that Bea is officially expelled from the Academy, will Miguel still have enough inspiration to pursue his dreams? Find out onPinoyDreamAcademy Season 2.

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