Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian and Iñaki are on probation

July 22, 2008 12:35 AM

The Scholars received their class cards right after the Gala Night last Saturday. Aside from their grades, it was also revealed there who among them made it to the Bottom Four. Included in the Bottom Four were Bunny, Miguel, Christian, and Iñaki with their grades 6.03, 6.27, 6.33 and 6.33, correspondingly.

Luckily for Miguel, the Dream Mentors granted him another chance to prove himself worthy inside the Academy. With three Probationary Scholars left, the decision was given to the remaining Scholars. They were tasked to vote the name of the Scholar they would like to continue inside the Academy. By the end of the voting, with a total of four votes, Bunny had the privilege of being safe from the upcoming Expulsion Night.

After the release of grades, Direk Joey decided to talk to all of the Scholars. He was very much disappointed with the Scholars’ performances. According to him, as time goes by, the Scholars’ performances are getting worse. He was very transparent with his dismay on the Scholars’ lack of persistence to improve, so he reminded them once again that all of them are in a competition, not in a mere popularity contest. Perseverance is really vital on their part since the industry that they are aiming is filled with unending competition, wherein everyday someone way better than them pops out from a bunch.

For the next Gala Performance Night, the Scholars will be singing in trio. But since there are 11 Scholars, the nine Scholars were divided into three groups, while the two Probationary Scholars have to sing a duet to even up the grouping. The first group is composed of Miguel, Apple and Laarni. Best buddies Bugoy, Sen, and Van make up the other group. And as for the last group, Cris, Liezel and Bunny team up.

Each trio will be singing two songs each. Christian and Iñaki, on the other hand, will be singing one duet number and one solo act each. How will the Scholars go by their presentations? And who between Christian and Iñaki will be expelled from the Academy? Find out on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

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