Monday, July 7, 2008

The third probationary night

July 08, 2008 10:05 AM

Yesterday, the Scholars’ class cards for the Third Gala Performance Night were distributed by Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab. There, it was revealed that both teams failed to meet the passing GPA with 6.68 and 7.32 for One Voice and Pupilars, respectively. But fortunately for the Pupilars, since they won the music video making competition, an additional 0.5 to their team’s GPA was awarded to them, giving them a passing score of 7.82.

Aside from the GPAs, another revelation that took place was the announcement of this week’s Probationary Scholars. Included in the list of the bottom four performers were Laarni, Cris, Bea, and Jet. Luckily for the first three Probationary Scholars, Jet’s final decision to leave the Academy saved all of them from expulsion. When the Headmaster asked his final decision regarding his stay inside the Academy, Jet gave out his answer without any hesitation. He chose to drop out and finally go home to his family.

Upon the formal announcement of Jet’s exit, the Scholars, most especially Christian, couldn’t help but be emotional. Probably for Christian, this would be something too painful to watch, considering that it was only about a week ago when his other good friend, Ross, left the Academy.

On the other hand, Bea had a dilemma of her own. Upon stepping out of the room, she headed straight to the girls’ room to cry. She was feeling very disappointed about herself being in the bottom four three times in a row. Though she was aware of her improvements, she felt that it was still not enough to impress the jury. With this thought in mind, she was very much concerned of her status inside the Academy.

How much could this event affect Bea’s performance inside the Academy? Will this turn out to be a challenge for her, or will this be an assurance to the jury that she really has nothing unique to offer in the industry? Check out the answers by staying tuned on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2.

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