Thursday, July 24, 2008

“Scholar-teacher” disputes inside the Academy

July 25, 2008 12:42 AM

During Diction Class, Teacher Von couldn’t help but be annoyed with Laarni’s lack of focus inside the classroom. He couldn’t help but notice Laarni’s continuous giggling in the middle of a class activity. Unfortunately, Laarni’s mischief affected even the performances of other Scholars, so Teacher Von immediately took action by calling her attention to be next in line for the activity. Even during her turn, Laarni was out of focus. Teacher Von required her to recite the sentence he asked them to memorize earlier while giving out a sad emotion, but she couldn’t complete the task because she claimed that she was too happy to be sad. Laarni’s lack of cooperation reached the teacher’s nerves so he asked her to immediately step out of the room and come back once she is ready.

Aside from Teacher Von and Laarni, another “Scholar-teacher” pair had a bad encounter. While practicing their Saturday night number during Teacher Kitchy’s class, Iñaki and Christian got a “not-so-nice” comment from Teacher Monet. In front of Iñaki and Christian, he claimed to the Over-all Voice Mentor that the duet partners are already giving up their performance since they are on probationary status anyway. Sadly, Iñaki didn’t take this comment lightly. He was indeed affected of the fact that their In-house Teacher disregarded their great effort to perfect their duet number.

In order to release his anger, Iñaki took some time to talk with Teacher Lindy and Direk Joey about his sentiment. He talked to the two Mentors separately, but the two shared the same opinion regarding the issue. According to them, Iñaki should understand that Teacher Monet meant no harm when he said those things. They told him that the said teacher’s words should serve as a challenge to him to do better, and they are pretty sure that this was Teacher Monet’s intention too.

After being enlightened, Iñaki decided to confront the teacher concerned. There, they were able to clear things out. Laarni’s case, on the other hand, was left quite uncertain. Though Teacher Von finally let her back in class, and the Independent Woman took courage to ask for an apology, it seemed as if the dispute left a little room for tension between the two. Will this tension build up to a more destructive kind, or will it set out on its own as time goes by? Find out for yourself by staying tuned on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

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