Friday, July 4, 2008

Scholars finally face their problems

July 05, 2008 12:52 AM

For their very first Diction Class with Teacher Von, the Scholars ran in a little late, but this didn’t hold the said Dream Mentor to do what he was supposed to, and that is to teach them proper diction. For starter, Teacher Von started with the proper pronunciation of vowels. According to him, this is where singers usually commit mistakes, so one by one, he asked them to sing the vowels, and he insisted to do so, until all pronounced the said set of letters correctly.

As for his next class activity, he asked all the Scholars to write five words for each vowel. After the writing activity, they were asked to sing it in front of the classmates. Among all the Scholars, Laarni seemed to have the strangest choice of words. As Teacher Von said it himself, Laarni’s choice of words are classified to be “very inappropriate.”

Speaking of writing, Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab showed the Scholars his new composition entitled Another Goodbye Song. According to him, he personally composed the said song for them. One by one, he asked the Scholars to sing it using different emotions to further explain his point on bringing life to a song with the use of emotions.

As for team Pupilars’ problem with Laarni, Cris finally decided to bring this to Laarni’s attention. Their supposed small talk, unfortunately, turned out to be a heating argument. Laarni wasn’t happy with the said confrontation. Unfortunately, Cris somehow lost her temper at some point. But despite the exchange of raised voices, they finally sorted things out on the table, and somehow settled it. Luckily for them, even with the bad experiences they were able to stumble into, their hard work earned them the Best Music Video award.

Tomorrow will be the Scholars’ big Performance Night. Aside from that, tomorrow will also be the judgment day for Jet and Sheng. Who between them will walk away the stage victorious? Find out tomorrow night on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2’s Third Gala Night.

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