Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Direk Joey walks out on the scholars

July 02, 2008 1:54 PM]

Though he may not be watching them 24/7, Direk Joey was very aware of the goings-on in the Academy. Rumor circulated on a scholar wanting to leave the Academy again and the Director was not having this.

The Performance Director reminded them first of all that it was their choice to audition and then pursue the scholarship in the Academy. Apparently, they didn’t seem to appreciate this.

Some were being too over confident that they felt 3 weeks was enough for them to be a reputable figure in the industry.

Apart from this, a good number of people aspire to be mentored by Mr. C and Teacher Kitchy and yet the scholars were taking this for granted. They do not apply what they’ve learned and they continue to waste their voices though much reminder has been given.

Others were using their status in life to evoke sympathy from the people and singing becomes a second option.

Direk Joey could not help but compare the first batch to the current one. The first batch of scholars had that passion and was very eager to learn unlike the new set of dreamers.

To those who wanted to leave, Direk Joey opened the door for them. He couldn’t stand the complains and the drama any longer and wanted this dealt with as soon as possible. The Director was too upset that he left the scholars to rethink the reasons why they wanted the scholarship in the first place.

Will Direk Joey’s outburst be the necessary push for the scholars to pursue their dream with much passion and determination? See this story and find out how your fave scholars would deal with the pressure in the Academy later on Uberture!

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