Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Acadreamians get Teacher Kitchy’s feedback

July 15, 2008 2:19 PM

The scholars were a riotous bunch this morning which had Teacher Monet scolding them first thing in today’s session. The Voice Mentor was particular about them preserving their voices and also hitting the right notes. Instead of chitchatting with their fellow scholars, they should devote time to playing the scales and memorizing each note.

After which, the Acadreamians practiced their pieces with the mentors. As they did so, Teacher Lindy and Teacher Anna gave out the Overall Voice Mentor’s feedback. While Cris still had the problem of shallow breathing, Miguel was also consistent in poor breath management and covering his face with the microphone.

If Bunny was tense in practicing, Bea was able to deliver since she was more relaxed. Bugoy consulted the mentors on his diction and was determined to perfect pronunciation.

Hansen on the other hand feared high notes and was doubtful if he could wing it. Teacher Kitchy noticed that oftentimes, his shoulders tighten producing flat notes.

Though Liezel was able to hit the right notes, she still lacked emotion and has yet to bring out her personality. Apart from this, she believed that she had no stage presence which she wanted to work on. Apple sang nasally which was also her comfort zone. She was then challenged to overcome this pattern and try something different.

Iñaki’s partnership with Laarnie did him a lot of good since his emotional and psychological aspects improved. However he still had problems in alignment.

With the mentors’ persistence in prodding them on, will the scholars be able to incorporate these feedbacks in their sensuality-themed Gala performance? Find out the latest updates on the Acadreamians on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2!

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